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Chapter 2076: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (10)

The moment this astonishing figure was announced, everyone on the stage below gave bouts of gasps.

A number of them sighed saying that it was indeed the right decision to come to this year’s annual auction. It was not every time that they would be able to meet with a treasure which could be auctioned for a heavenly price of 60 billion!

“I’ve not expected that Celestial Heavens Gate to have such solid financial power, this has really broadened my scope!”

“I wonder if Blue Profound Sect will continue to raise the price?”

“Shouldn’t be possible? Although it’s said that Blue Profound Sect is the real ones with great fortunes, but a stalk of Purified Branch costs 60 billion high grade spirit jades… this pricing is really a little too ridiculous!”

Everyone looked towards the Number Seven cabin as their eyes were filled with reverence.

But who would know that Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu were on the verge of coughing out their blood!

This time round, they had totally revealed the last of their secrets and if they were still unable to bid for this successfully, the entire Sect was going to run into bad luck with them!

The beautiful emcee’s voice grew so excited that it changed, “This… 60 billion high grade spirit jades! Number Seven cabin has already come out with 60 billion! We will start the countdown now…”

She didn’t even pause for a single moment. Deep down in her subconscious, she had already confirmed that it wasn’t possible for Huang Yueli to continue bidding.

However, Huang Yueli’s melodious voice rang once again at this very moment.

“Wait, what’s the hurry in starting the countdown? I still want to bid! 60.1 billion!”

Huang Yueli’s voice was calm and her tone was composed, seeming as though it was no different from previous times, as though this heavenly price of over 60 billion, totally didn’t make her feel shocked.

Everyone’s eyes opened wide as she simply could not believe their own ears.

However, it was Ling Qing Yu who stood up agitatedly, “What? 60.1 billion? Impossible, do you really have this much money?”

Her voice radiated through the windows as it was transmitted over.

Hearing these kinds of words made everyone present feel a little suspicious.

Huang Yueli was very young and she indeed didn’t look like she was holding on a huge amount of fortune…

Huang Yueli smiled, “Distinguished guests on the opposite side, if I didn’t hear wrongly, you should be Celestial Heavens Gate’s Eldest Young Miss? For Young Miss Ling to ask this question, it’s simply too strange! I have come on Sovereign Mu’s orders to take part in the auction and as the Sovereign of Blue Profound Sect, surely it’s not possible that we can’t even come up with a few billion high grade spirit jades right? If this spreads out, wouldn’t we become a joke?”

Hearing Huang Yueli moving the God Mu Chengying out, everyone all revealed an enlightened look.

So it was Mu Chengying who wanted this thing and that Ling Qing Yu actually dared to bid against them, she could only be described using four words, “overestimating her own capabilities”.

However, Ling Qing Yu wasn’t willing to believe in her words, “How could that be possible? Who do you think you are? Just because you’re under Sovereign Mu’s orders, that the person who places the bid should be Li Moying! On what basis do you have to represent Sovereign Mu?”

Huang Yueli gave an extremely innocent reply, “How do you say this? My Moying is fully concentrated on cultivating and totally doesn’t like this kind of auctions events, so I’m representing him to settle these kinds of small matters, is there a problem?”

Is there a problem?

Of course there’s a problem, the problem was huge!

Billions of high grade spirit jades, casually allowing his own fiancée to allocate it? Moreover he didn’t bother about the casual price which she had quoted, and totally did not interfere at all?

This wasn’t just a few million or mere billion, but…. tens of billions!

It was a huge sum which was enough to make any of the Seven Sacred Lands felt a pinch in their thighs!

Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master who’s freshly out from the oven, wasn’t he a little overly indulgent towards his fiancée?