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Chapter 2075: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (9)

Unknowingly, the price of the Purified Branch slowly climbed and very soon, it hit a figure of 50 billion.

When Ling Qing Yu clenched her teeth and bid the figure of “50 billion”, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frowned as she stopped.

“Strange, it’s already 50 billion and yet she’s still bidding! Since when did Celestial Heavens Gate have this much money? Have they ran into a huge fortune recently?”

Luo Jiyun was so anxious that his breathing was totally not smooth at all, as he asked meekly, “Lil Sister-in-law, what should we do now? It’s already at 50 billion!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she merely shook her head slightly, “No matter, I only find it a little strange… this Purified Branch is something that we must obtain so what other options do we have? We can only continue to bid!”

Saying that she hurriedly continued to bid, “50.1 billion!”

When Ling Qing Yu heard this bid, the ugly expression on her face increased further and her usually dignified and virtuous face appeared a sinister look, “How could this be possible? She actually bided again! Damn it! A small Purified Branch like this would usually be worth 30 billion and now we’re already at 50 billion yet it is still not settled!”

She originally thought the deal was sealed since the opposite cabin didn’t make any sound. Whoever knew that they had merely paused for a moment and continued bidding thereafter.

Ling Qing Yu was extremely furious and didn’t open her mouth for a long time.

This 50 billion was already a huge sum which their Celestial Heavens Gate had tried ways and means to squeeze out. They originally thought that this had already exceeded the market price by half and they would definitely be able to obtain the purified branch but whoever knew that Blue Profound Sect would actually join in this auction.

This time round, if she was unable to bid for this item, there was no way for her to submit her task!

As she remained silent for a very long time, the beautiful emcee on the stage also started to urge, “Number Six cabin’s distinguished guests came out with a price of 50.1 billion high grade spirit jades, are there any higher bids? If there is none, then we will start to count down…”

“50.2 billion!” Ling Qing Yu clenched her teeth hard as this figure slipped out from the slits of her teeth.

Celestial Heavens Gate supplied her with a total funding of 50 billion and luckily she had a bit of savings herself. Adding these 2 billion practically exhausted all of her savings for these past few years!

But obtaining the Purified Branch was the most important matter now.

However, before Ling Qing Yu could even be relieved, Huang Yueli’s voice started to rang again.

“50.3 billion!”

“Damnit!” Ling Qing Yu’s face turned uglier still, “This wretched lass, she insists on going against me!”

She pondered over this and turned her head back to look at Chi Xiao Jiu beside her ,”How much money do you have, bring it all out. We must bid and obtain for this Purified Branch no matter what!”

Chi Xiao Jiu was apparently feeling the heartache but upon thinking of that “Lord” behind them, he couldn’t help but shivered. Today he came along with Ling Qing Yu and if they didn’t complete their task, the both of them were going to run into bad luck.

He thought about it and knew that he had to advance and retreat with Ling Qing Yu as he could only say, “I brought a total of 12 billion high grade spirit jades today and earlier after the auction, I’ve already spent 4.1 billion so I’m left with 7.9 billion…”

Ling Qing Yu swiftly calculated in her mind as she nodded, “If we add it all up, we should be able to gather around 60 billion high grade spirit jades and we might have a chance at this! Blur Profound Sect couldn’t possibly hit up to 60 billion and above!”

With Chi Xiao Jiu’s financial aid, Ling Qing Yu had a boost of confidence.

She clenched her teeth again and opened her mouth directly as she shouted out “60 billion!”