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Chapter 2074: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (8)

He pried open finger after finger of her tightly clenched fist.

A warm and strong big palm locked all ten fingers together tightly.

Li Moying’s warmth was emitted from her palm and instantly, it made her flustered and frustrated emotions settle down once again.

Meeting the man’s worried gaze, she shook her head lightly, “I’m fine! I only find it a little strange. Celestial Heavens Gate is considered as the poorest family within the Seven Sacred Lands so how are they able to use 40 billion high spirit jades to bid for the Purified Branch?”

The Seven Sacred Lands were all inherited and passed down from thousands of years ago and they had businesses everywhere so as compared to the other powerhouses, their wealth naturally spoke louder than others.

But amongst themselves, there was still the difference between relative superiority.

Blue Profound Sect, as the Number One Sacred Land, wasn’t just higher than others in terms of martial power, but in terms of financial ability, they also helmed seven of the ten over spiritual ore arteries and that really meant rolling riches for them. Even though Huang Yueli was awesome at earning riches, that only represented her alone and there was no way to compare against a colossus like holding on to a spiritual ore artery.

Mythical Flame Palace also had rather great financial ability just over twenty years ago but these few years it had been on the decline as it entered the line of reciprocal these days.

As for Celestial Heavens Gate, it originally was situated in a frosty and bitter cold Northern Ice Fields with few resources. Although they had an ancient inheritance, but these could not be changed into real gold or silvers hence they were comparatively poor.

In Huang Yueli’s memories, Celestial Heavens Gate seldom took part in such large scale auctions.

Huang Yueli started having doubts in her heart but at this very moment, she was unable to think carefully in detail.

She hurriedly bid her price, “40.1 billion!”

She was very prudent in increasing the price because at this figure now, there was already no point in increasing the price at all costs and anyone could possibly suffer a loss at just a difference of one billion.

As expected, the moment after she placed her bid, the opposite cabin instantly quietened down.

Huang Yueli wasn’t irascible as well as she patiently waited to see Ling Qing Yu’s reaction.

Within the Number Seven cabin, Ling Qing Yu’s expression became extremely ugly.

She specially waited till the very last moment before bidding a high price, just so that she would be able to obtain the Purified Branch at one go but whoever knew that the other powerhouses were indeed scared stiff by this price but instead it was Blue Profound’s young lass who suddenly called out.

“This…. what’s going on? Why does Blue Profound Sect want the Purified Branch for? Why did this young lass come out again to fight with me?” Ling Qing Yu said with an ugly expression.

Chi Xiao Jiu sneered by the side, “Earlier when I was bidding for my item, weren’t you also watching from the side lines? Now you finally realised it? That young lass just makes one feel so infuriated!”

Ling Qing Yu frowned as she couldn’t understand why.

“Not right, this is not possible! That young lass is merely Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master’s fiancée. Li Moying is willing to spend a few billions of high grade spirit jades and I can still believe that but this is 40 over billion! Li Moying himself couldn’t possibly have that much money! Why on earth did she place her bid for?”

Chi Xiao Jiu answered with an unfriendly look, “That wretched lass just wishes for the whole world to be in chaos hence she just raised her bid! If you don’t want it, she would probably cry out from fright!”

“What joke are you cracking? This Purified Branch, is something that…. that that Lord wants. If we don’t manage to bid for it successfully today, we will all be in trouble!”

Ling Qing Yu’s face was taut as she continued to bid, “40.2 billion!”

Huang Yueli also continued to bid in a calm and unhurriedly fashion, “40.3 billion!”

“40.4 billion!”