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Chapter 2073: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (7)

Ten billion high grade spirit jades, that itself wasn’t a small sum. Instead it was a huge amount which was enough to make any first rated powerhouse within Sky Emperor City to stop in its tracks to ponder upon.

Hence this round’s auction could only be a battle between the real distinguished guests within the VIP cabins.

This was a really large amount of fortune so naturally it could not be something which could be casually bid along with the ordinary buyers downstairs but was carried out in an extremely prudent manner.

Huang Yueli saw the stiff competition and casually waved her hand as she cried out downwards, “11 billion!”

With this bid, it broke the stagnant atmosphere as the beautiful emcee cried out in joyous surprise, “11 billion! Number Six cabin’s distinguished guests have offered 11 billion high grade spirit jades! Honoured guests, please don’t hesitate any longer. If you continue to hesitate, the Purified Branch is going to be auctioned away by others!”

The beautiful emcee’s words stirred up everyone’s nerves and in an instance, all the big buyers in the VIP cabins all couldn’t wait any longer as they all started to bid.

Luo Jiyun looked at Huang Yueli in astonishment, Lil Sister-in-law, why did you become the first person to bid?”

Huang Yueli smiled, “Why not? Can’t I?”

Luo Jiyun shook his head continuously, “No, no! It’s just that earlier when I saw everyone bidding, it seems that the first person who bid was all cannon ash and the really wealthy people were those who waited until no one bided any more before crashing down a heavenly price, locking in the deal at one go!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up as she spoke in a smile which didn’t resemble a smile, “I really didn’t expect that your observation is actually so meticulous until you’ve already seen through all the basic sequences of movements in an auction! That’s right, if you start to take part in an auction right from the start, it’s very easy to expose yourself and thereby attract your opponents to bid. Only the last bidder is able to call out a high price in the very end, giving his opponents psychological pressure hence guaranteeing that the price of the bid would not be overly high to a large extent. But…”

She paused as her expression became slightly solemn, “For a sought after treasure like the Purified Branch, those who wish to purchase it are mostly out to save a life so they would definitely not stint on their everything! So this time round, only by dumping all the cash you have on hand will guarantee vi tory, hence it doesn’t matter who comes out with the price first.”

Huang Yueli’s deduction wasn’t wrong. After she became the first to bid, various distinguished guests in the cabins all started to bid and very soon, they had already raised the price to 30 billion high grade spirit jades.

Luo Jiyun was so shocked that he couldn’t say a single word.

Towards a young lad like him, he totally could not imagine just what concept did 30 billion high grade spirit jades were.

Earlier when the ninth tier Profound Weapon was auctioned for the price of 4 billion, it had already scared him stiff.

Now this pricing has doubled by as much as ten times! Moreover, it was still continuing to soar!

After the price had gone past 30 billion, the number of people who bidded for it became lesser and lesser and moreover, the speed of the increment became slower and slower.

Many people had no choice but to admit that their financial status wasn’t enough and had to back out of the competition for the Purified Branch.

Huang Yueli had a quick look at the time and was just about to say her bid.

Whoever knew, a cry for bid came out from the opposite Number Seven cabin, “40 billion!”

Everyone was stunned.

After Huang Yueli was astonished for a few moments, she suddenly regained her senses as her right hand clenched tightly into fists!

This time round, the bidder wasn’t Chi Xiao Jiu, but…. Ling Qing Yu!

This Eldest Young Miss from one of the Seven Sacred Lands, Celestial Heavens Gate, was once her BFF and there was nothing which the both of them didn’t talk about. Other than Li Moying, the next person she trusted the most, was Ling Qing Yu!

However, the ending was…

“Li’er?” Li Moying held her hands.