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Chapter 2072: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (6)

Under the protection of eight seventh stage realm practitioner guards, the beautiful emcee carefully held up a wooden box with exquisite carving as she stood on the auction stage.

“Distinguished guests, the next item which is up for auction is something that everyone had been anticipating: this annual auction’s finale item – Purified Branch!”

When she said that, the entire auction hall went silent as everyone’s eyes opened wide while trying to look up on the stage to take a clear look on how this extremely rare treasure looked like.

The beautiful emcee had just finished her words when her slender hand was placed on the box and using a little bit of strength, she opened up the box a little at a time.

In a split second, a dense but concentrated Earth attributed Profound Qi radiated from the slit of the box and in a split second, it instantly permeated throughout the entire auction house.

Every single guest in the auction hall could clearly sense that their breathing had instantly become smoother and their head had turned clear-minded than before.

The beautiful emcee loosed her hand and the cover immediately clamped up together once again.

Many of them had not even seen the items in the box clearly as they all started to debate.

“We haven’t even seen it clearly, why have you closed up the box?”

“That’s right, that’s right, we’ve waited for the Purified Branch for such a long time to be auctioned but in the end, you don’t even allow us to take a look?”

“Open it once again and show everyone!”

However, the emcee was totally unmoved as her beautiful face hung a courteous smile while explaining in a neither fast nor slow pace, “Distinguished guests, I’m sure everyone has already felt it earlier, just how powerful the Earth attributed energy within the Purified branch is. It only takes a breath to be able to derive a life from it! This kind of rare treasure’s medicinal effect is easily lost and only by storing it in this aged wood medicinal box would it guarantee its medicinal effect.”

“Every single time the box is opened, some medicinal energy would be lost so this box shouldn’t be opened too casually. Earlier we had just opened a small slit just so that everyone would be able to sense the Purified Branch’s medicinal effect and also to allow experienced buyers to verify that the item inside the box is the genuine Purified Branch!”

Saying that, the beautiful emcee gave another slight smile.

“In conclusion, the real buyers should have already verified the authenticity of the product so now…. will everyone please place your bids! The base price of the Purified Branch is…. Ten Billion high grade spirit jades!”

The beautiful emcee’s words made some people feel dissatisfied but unfortunately they weren’t able to find any reasons to rebuke her.

Originally, Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild did not have the obligation to display the Purified Branch to everyone, and they only needed to be responsible to those genuine buyers. As for those potential buyers, ensuring the preservation of the medicinal effect to the greatest extent was the most important thing.

Huang Yueli and the others were all top exponents with great foresight and on one look, they were able to verify that it was indeed the genuine Purified Branch in the box.

Huang Yueli’s face instantly showed an overjoyed look, “Indeed the Purified Branch and from the lustre, it had been well preserved! I originally thought it was just a small chunk but I have not expected it to be the size of a palm, that’s just great! If there are any accidents within the refining process, we need not worry at all!”

She wasn’t the only one who was overjoyed.

When the last note of the beautiful emcee’s words landed, many people’s hearts were all starting to stir.

There were many genuine big buyers present and they were all waiting for this finale treasure. They had finally waited for close to eight hours and the highlight…. was finally up!

After ten over breaths, no one fought to come out with a bid.