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Chapter 2071: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (5)

A pair of watery large eyes kept sparkling as her white shining teeth bit her pink lips lightly. That innocent and pure look made Li Moying’s chest feel warm as his eyes landed uncontrollably on her lips.

Huang Yueli saw him getting a little dazed and not talking as she started getting anxious and leaned in a little more.

“Moying, how are you? Why aren’t you speaking? Do you really feel uncomfortable? Why not let Guardian Jun send you back first, I’ll stay here and bid for the Purified Branch!”

Li Moying’s gaze grew even deeper as his thin lips opened slightly, “I’m fine.”

Huang Yueli’s brows knitted slightly, “Don’t you try to force yourself, we’ve already been out for eight hours! Moreover speaking, I’m most apt at auctions so you need not worry about me.”

“I said…. I’m fine!” Li Moying’s tone became harsher slightly.

Huang Yueli wanted to say more when suddenly Li Moying grabbed her wrist and placed her fair and slender hand onto his chest.

“Hey, you—!” Huang Yeuil’s eyes grew wide only to discover that unknowingly, Li Moying had already stood up and he propped a hand against the back of her chair, confining her in the small space in front of his chest.

Huang Yueli’s hand was pressed against his chest by force and she could only feel that man’s healthy and robust muscles underneath her palm, which was filled with suppression leaving her with a dry mouth and tongue.

Hadn’t Li Moying been bedridden for a month? Such a long duration, why was it that there was no sense of frailness from his sickness at all?

“If you still feel unassured, then you can help me take my pulse personally to see if my condition is tip top. Now you’re Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple so this sort of small thing shouldn’t be too difficult for our future Divine Doctor Huang right?” Li Moying spoke out in a mellow voice as his eyes kept swimming around her lips, curbing his urge to have a taste of her fragrance.

Huang Yueli tried to retract her hand but wasn’t able to as her face started to flushed with a pinkish red colour like a peach blossom.

This man was really an evildoer, even though they had been together for such a long time, as long as he tried to get close to her, she just couldn’t help but blush with her heart beating wildly.

Li Moying pressed her hand hard as he laughed, “What’s the matter? Why aren’t you speaking? Does Grandmaster Huang feel that…there’s any problem with my body?”

Huang Yueli gave him a fierce stare, “Alright alright alright, you’re very well, will that do? Quickly sit back on your seat properly, the Purified Branch auction is about to start!”

Li Moying didn’t move because he discovered that Li’er’s rounded eyes look exactly like a little fox cub, which made her appear even more adorable.

Huang Yueli saw that he didn’t move as she was just about to explode in anger when she suddenly felt her face feeling warm and immediately following that, Li Moying let her go and sat right next to her.

Huang Yueli was in a daze for some time before she realised that she had been kissed by Li Moying!

There were so many other people in the cabin1

Moreover, that wretched lad Luo Jiyun even used his hands to cover his eyes as he exclaimed loudly, “Lil Sister-in-law, we’re all very natural and we didn’t see anything at all, please go ahead!”

Huang Yueli’s embarrassment turned into anger as she transferred her anger elsewhere, “No one will call you a mute if you keep your mouth shut!”

Luo Jiyun then realised that he had said the wrong thing as he gave a dry laugh and tried furiously to think of saying something to amend for his mistake.

His gaze shifted and landed on the window as he hurriedly cried out, “Lil Sister-in-law, Eldest Senior Brother, look there quickly! This is the Purified Branch right?” He paused and spoke out in shock, “This…. this feeling…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she too turned her head over to take a look.