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Chapter 2070: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (4)

However, this voice to Chi Xiao Jiu, was a life-saving sound of nature.

He hurriedly shouted out, “I don’t want it, I’ll give it up to you!”

Saying that, Chi Xiao Jiu wiped the sweat off his forehead to discover that it was profusing with cold sweat.

“2.11 billion once, 2.11 billion twice, 2.11 billion trice! Congratulations to Number Six cabin’s distinguished guests, on obtaining this piece of valuable raw stone which was brought out from an ancient mystic region!”

The beautiful emcee was full of smiles as she was filled with admiration and gratitude towards the young fiancé-fiancée couple from Blue Profound Sect. They were really their Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s god of wealth!

As long as Number Six cabin took part in that auction, every single time they would come out with an illogical heavenly bid! The raw stone was delivered over to Number Six cabin very quickly.

Huang Yueli looked at this pitch black raw stone for a long time but was still unable to see anything special about it as she grew even more melancholic.

“The colour on the surface is dark and full, and totally doesn’t permeate any light at all, only sensing an entire state of pitch black and there’s totally no sense of Profound Qi or energy at all… you guys come over and take a look, do you know what this thing is?”

Li Moying, Cang Po Jun and the others all crowded around to observe it for quite a while.

Other than Luo Jiyun, the others present were all top rated exponents in Soaring Heavens Continent and their knowledge and insight were extraordinary but even for them, they weren’t able to find any profound theory from this at all.

“Generally for this kind of raw stone, it’s either an armament refining material or pill refining ingredient, but even you have not seen it before?” Li Moying played around with that palm sized stone as he asked curiously.

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Generally for armament refining materials, even if it is wrapped up in a layer of rock strata, using soul trace would still allow us to sense the energy’s fluctuations within. Moreover, earlier the female attendant who had sent the raw stone over earlier also said that when Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild had first obtained the raw stone, they used many ways to melt the exterior or somehow they had no way to shave off any single bit of the outer layer at all.”

Everyone discussed this for some time but didn’t manage to come to any conclusion.

Helpless, Huang Yueli could only keep the raw stone as she prepared to research through some ancient records when she had more time.

The annual auction continued to proceed.

The items being auctioned following this were not things which Huang Yueli were interested in and as a top rated Armament Grandmaster, she had seen countless treasures in both lifetimes so the so called “rare treasures” termed by the top experts, were simply ordinary in her eyes.

Instead, Cang Po Jun auctioned two doses of healing panacea, in case of emergency.

Very quickly, six hours had passed by.

Following the passing of time, Huang Yueli grew more and more impatient, “Why aren’t they auctioning the Purified branch yet? What’s so good to bid for those nitty gritty stuff? There are actually so many people who offered bids for it! Sigh, the current annual auction is really getting worse by the year!”

She was nagging while ridiculing when suddenly a slender warm big hand stretched over and was placed over her hand.

“Li’er, my condition is very well, don’t be anxious, en?”

Li Moying turned his head and his eyes were filled with warmth.

He naturally knew clearly that his Li’er wasn’t an impatient person and she was constantly worried that his concentration would not last after staying here for such a long time hence she was so ill at ease.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and leaned over in an unassured look, as she looked left and right at Li Moying’s handsome countenance.

“Are you really alright? Is your head dizzy? Does your chest feel stuffy? The air here isn’t good at all, even I feel uncomfortable. Are you sure you’re alright?”