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Chapter 2069: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (3)

Little Phoenix kept retreating backwards from her scolding as he looked left and right but he possibly felt that Luo Jiyun’s ability wasn’t good enough and that he wouldn’t be able to protect him hence he slipped and hid behind Cang Po Yu’s back.

Whoever knew that Cang Po Yu totally wasn’t that easy going like Luo Jiyun as he actually nudged to one side.

Little Phoenix lifted its head in astonishment.

Cang Po Yu coughed, “What Grandmaster Huang said is right! So extravagant from such a young age, you ought to receive a good lesson!”

Little Wang Cai’s big round eyes opened wide from shock as he faced his finger and spoke out aggrievedly, “Why do all of you say I’m wrong? Earlier it was Female Devil who said this herself, those with ability would be in billions so I just didn’t want to throw Female Devil’s face!”

Huang Yueli was totally speechless as her face flushed red.

These words were obviously something which she said but when it came out from Little Phoenix’s mouth, why did it made her seem so dumb?

“Alright, don’t be angry. This bit of money, I’ll come out with it, so there’s no need to be unhappy.” Li Moying’s smiling voice was heard from the side of her ears.

It was so rare to see his little fox being stuffed until she could not rebuke back so it really made him slightly amused from this.

Huang Yueli lifted her chin, “This isn’t about money, it’s about the issue of education…”

Before she could finish her words, she heard Chi Xiao Jiu calling out once again, “2.1 billion!”

Huang Yueli shivered and her first reaction was to swiftly whisk Little Phoenix up and threw it back into the Sky Phoenix Ring!

Little Phoenix originally was preparing to cry out 3 billion but in the end, it had just opened its mouth only to discover that his vision had gone dizzy and he had been shut back into Sky Phoenix Ring. He anxiously cried out loudly, “Let me out! Let this little lord out!”

Huang Yueli gave a cold humph as she ignored it, nor did she place another bid.

Very soon, the beautiful emcee started counting down once again, “2.1 billion once, 2.1 billion twice, 2.1 billion tr…..”

Following every single countdown from the beautiful emcee, in Number Seven cabin, Chi Xiao Jiu’s heartbeat started pounding swiftly!

He originally was very sure that Li Moying’s fiancée was a retarded young lady who had no qualms on extravagance hence she recklessly raised the bid like this.

Otherwise, what would he even bother to bid for such a useless thing back for?

Moreover, this was a full 2.1 billion, and it was used to buy a raw stone which had a ninety nine percent chance that it was useless!

4.1 billion purchasing a ninth tier lower grade Profound Armament, but at least it was a Profound Weapon with outstanding quality so more or less there would be some use for this kind of useless raw stone…

Even if he was Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord, this kind of reckless extravagance would make it difficult for him to explain to the Elders when he returned! He wasn’t the yesteryear Huang Yueli and towards Mythical Flame Palace’s control, he was totally not strong and had to rely on the Elders to support him.

The beautiful emcee’s melodious voice rang from below the cabin and there were several times that he wanted to jump right out directly to regret it but he somehow recalled that he was still Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord so he risked his life to control his urge.

Right now, he was really extremely regretful!

Why did he raise the bid for no good reason? That lass might not even have that much money in her pocket, merely wanting to act rich! He actually really believed her!

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s voice suddenly rang.

“2.11 billion!”

Her voice wasn’t very loud and moreover it somehow seemed as though it was tinged with an indecisive meaning, sounding like she wasn’t able to decide if she wanted to bid or not.