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Chapter 2068: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (2)

As a parent, she had been tirelessly refining armaments day in and day out, cooking up all sorts of ways to scheme people and had finally managed to save some money but it was all spent by this brat!

Just as Huang Yueli was feeling heartache, Chi Xiao Jiu’s voice was suddenly heard from the Number Seven cabin on the opposite.

“Since it’s something which Blue Profound Sect’s distinguished guests had taken fancy upon, then it looks like there’s something extraordinary about this raw stone! Hur hur, then This Seat shall join in the fun, 1.1 billion!”

Chi Xiao Jiu had been embarrassed badly in front of everyone earlier.

After sorting out his thoughts, he felt that other than being schemed by Soaring Heavens Continent, most importantly, he had gone dizzy from that brainless Bai Ruoli.

Although Chi Xiao Jiu didn’t know that he had actually fallen for Huang Yueli’s scheme, but this didn’t bother him from hating Huang Yueli and on seeing her suddenly coming out with a heavenly price, his heart leapt with joy instantly as he immediately raised the price.

Chi Xiao Jiu thought that he had done a beautiful job however, Huang Yueli immediately heaved a sound of relief upon hearing his bid.

“Heavens! Really scare me to death! Luckily there’s still this dumbass who came out to bid against us, otherwise…”

However, before she could finish her words, Little Wang Cai had already climbed up from the ground as he shouted out towards the window, “1 billion!”

“What the—!!!” Huang Yueli almost fell down from her seat as her eyes widened and her expression was extremely ugly to the max.

“You, you, you…. actually bided again!” She really couldn’t wait to pat this brat flat onto the ground with one slap.

On seeing Huang Yueli’s vicious gaze, Luo Jiyun hurriedly rushed over and pushed Little Wang Cai behind his back.

“This…. Sis-in-law, sis-in-law, don’t be rash! Little kids are still insensible, you can’t… don’t beat him!”

Huang Yueli gave a sinister smile, “I’m not going to beat him, I merely want to cook him into stewed chicken!”

When Luo Jiyun heard the first half of the sentence, his expression relaxed but when he heard the second half, he immediately tensed up again.

“Sister-in-law, you… don’t be like this! Although we can’t sense what’s so special about that raw stone, but Little Wang Cai is a spiritual beast so he should be able to sense some special Profound Energy fluctuations?”

Luo Jiyun shot an enquiring look towards Little Wang Cai.

Little Wang Cai opened his mouth weakly, “N… None, I also didn’t sensed any Profound Energy fluctuations…..”

On seeing Huang Yueli’s vicious glower, he hurriedly added in loudly, “But I sense that this piece of stone is very familiar but I also can’t remember where I had seen it previously nor can I recall what’s the use of this stone… I just…. want it very much!”

When Cang Po Yu heard that, he frowned and stood up, “Grandmaster Huang, Little Phoenix are born with a special sense innately and their soul traces are different from ordinary people so perhaps this raw stone really had some special use so This Subordinate thinks that there’s no harm in purchasing this.”

Little Wang Cai was nodding his head while listening, “That’s right, that’s right, Female Devil, you’re too petty!”

Huang Yueli originally was appeased by quite a large bit but after hearing that, she stared at him fiercely once again.

“You still dare to speak! Originally something only worth ten million, why did you bid 1 billion? If it wasn’t for the fact that you had bided casually, would there be anyone who would raise the bid? Someone bided for 1.1 billion and you actually continued to bid for 2 billion! What do you think this is, this costs high grade spirit jade! 2 billion of it!”