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Chapter 2067: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (1)

Huang Yueli coughed vigorously.

However, Little Wang Cai totally ignored her warning as it continued to sprawl onto the window and kept stomping its feet. From his stance, it seemed as though it couldn’t wait to jump onto the auction stage to snatch for it.

Huang Yueli lifted him up from the collar and carried him, “Enough, you look too ugly like that! Sit properly!”

Huang Yueli’s fingers were slender and fair but her strength was enormous so no matter how Little Wang Cai struggled, he was unable to struggle free.

At this moment, the beautiful emcee had already started to count down and he was really anxious so he immediately cried out loudly, “1 billion!”

No one had expected Little Wang Cai to suddenly bid for itself.

Huang Yueli’s fingers loosened and Little Wang Cai fell with a plop on the ground, on the thick fleece carpet.

Everyone in the Number Six cabin all looked at Little Phoenix with a dumbstruck expression.

Just at this moment, the beautiful emcee’s shocked but overjoyed voice clearly emitted into everyone’s ears, “1 billion… 1 billion high grade spirit stones! Number Six cabin’s distinguished guests are indeed generous, continuing from the previous item and bidding another heavenly price once again! This time round, the treasure’s price had increased from ten million to 1 billion!”

Huang Yueli’s face had turned green as she totally couldn’t be bothered to care about Little Wang Cai, but directly turned her gaze below, trying to see what was the item which Little Phoenix had called out for such a high price.

Upon fixating her gaze, she had the urge to swat Little Phoenix to death.

The auction stage had displayed a black coloured raw stone and not only did its exterior looked ordinary and common, even when Huang Yueli used her soul trace to sense it, she wasn’t able to sense any special Profound Energy fluctuations.

The little table by the right of the raw stone displayed a label and on it was written the origin of this raw stone.

This piece of raw stone was brought out by a famous mercenary team, from a mystic region around the East Ocean and as it was found in a tenth stage realm practitioner’s cave dwelling, although they didn’t knew what uses it had, but the mercenary group still brought it out to sell for money.

This kind of thing, there were just too many within Soaring Heavens Continent and most of it couldn’t be auctioned out at all.

After all, no one knew what this was and there was no way to appraise this item so there was a ninety percent chance that it was a piece of useless trash. Only those rookies who dreamt about being an overnight tycoon would fall for this kind of trick.

Huang Yueli was a rich and smart Armament Grandmaster so naturally she wouldn’t even be bothered about this sort of thing.

Moreover speaking, this plaything, if ten million was spent to play around with it, she could just forget about it but Little Wang Cai actually opened its mouth and bid with a price of 1 billion/?? She had painstaking refined a ninth tier Profound Armament and something it might not even be sold for 1 billion!

The corners of her mouth twitched as she simply wanted to throw this brat away!

“Guardian Jun, go ask Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men that if a brat bids randomly, can this transaction be cancelled! A lousy kid whose hair had not even grown out fully calls out a bid, is this even counted?”

Cang Po Jun’s forehead was sweating profusely as he hurriedly called out, “Grandmaster Huang, you… you this… don’t be rash! According to regulations, as long as it’s a bid that comes from our cabin, it will be considered under Sovereign’s and it’s impossible to not acknowledge it and that would only lead to embarrassment! Think back of the way Chi Xiao Jiu was teased at earlier… Grandmaster Huang, please reconsider your decision!”

“But there’s no point for me to buy a broken stone with no Profound Energy fluctuations at all!”

Huang Yueli’s heart was dripping blood!

This wastrel kid, who educated him??