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Chapter 2063: Rake in a fortune again (5)

President Wen nodded, “Exactly.”

The last note of his sentence had just landed when Ye Xing Hua’s voice was heard coming from the Number Four VIP cabin.

“Palace Lord Chi, long time no see. This Ardent Cloud Sword is one of the masterpieces of my Master Grandmaster Huang and I have long wanted to take a look at its true countenance. If you are able to trust me, why not let me appraise this sword to see if it’s really been restored successfully. Don’t worry, I will absolutely not side with the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.”

“This… but…”

Of course Chi Xiao Jiu didn’t want to agree to it because he believed that Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s credit was of no issue and the power of the Ardent Cloud Sword was boundless.

If there was something which needed to delve into, it was actually because he was too opinionated hence he assumed that this sword and the set of Profound Armour in Mythical Flame Palace was the same set, hence he kept on bidding.

This responsibility… no matter what he had to be the one to take up this responsibility!

Actually, Chi Xiao Jiu was also a regular at the auction house and if he had calmed down to think about it back then, he would have considered the risk of the Ardent Cloud Sword being repeatedly casted.

But that young lass in Blue Profound Sect kept on raising the price against him and moreover, she had been using that kind of provocative manner to force him to come out with a bid so in a moment of fury, Chi Xiao Jiu totally didn’t put too much detailed thought into it as he was led by the nose by her along the way.

Thinking of this, Chi Xiao Jiu’s heart thumped hard.

Could it be that… that young lass did it intentionally?

He shot a sideway glance from the corner of his eye at the Number Six cabin as his brows creased and he thought at length, but silently shook his head.

It was impossible, how would this be explained!

That young lass was not from Mythical Flame Palace so how could she possibly know that Mythical Flame Palace had that set of Profound Armour? Moreover, even if she was under Mythical Flame Palace’s tutelage, only him, the current Palace Lord knew about the relationship between the Profound Armour and Ardent Cloud Sword…..

Just as Chi Xiao Jiu’s brows were tightly knitted, Ye Xing Hua had already walked out from the Number Four cabin.

“Palace Lord Chi, this Ardent Cloud Sword…. can you let me have a look at it?”

Ye Xing Hua cupped his hands in greeting as he asked Chi Xiao Jiu for the Ardent Cloud Sword.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression changed as his mind started to swiftly weigh the pros and cons.

The matter had already come to such a pass and with Ye Xing Hua around, if he wanted to say that the Ardent Cloud Sword had a quality problem, it was no longer possible because the appraisal which Ye Xing Hua came out with would absolutely convince everyone.

So, no matter what, he was doomed to suffer in silence!

Chi Xiao Jiu was extremely aggrieved but in order not to be embarrassed, he could only brace himself as he kept the sword and at the same time intentionally lifting his head in an arrogant and cold manner, “This Seat appreciates President Ye’s kind intentions. Merely 4.1 billion high grade spirit jades, would This Seat haggle endlessly over this bit of money? The treasures which Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild auctions are something which This Seat will naturally trust so it was all but a joke earlier. Alright, the time is no longer young and there are plenty of other auctions up for bids so This Seat shall not delay everyone’s time any longer.”

He swiftly finished his words and turning his head, he hurriedly hid back into the Number Seven cabin.

All the practitioners were all rendered speechless.

Earlier Chi Xiao Jiu had obviously wanted to renege on the debt but he had the cheek to claim that it was “just a joke”? If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Xing Hua happened to be at the auction house, President Wen would probably have been splashed with a whole bucket of dirty water.

“Thinking of back then when Grandmaster Huang was still around, just how mighty and overbearing Mythical Flame Palace was, now…. sigh!”

“I’ve long heard that Mythical Flame Palace’s potential is declining as the years pass and I still don’t believe it but from the looks of it now, it indeed seems so…..”

“Looking at how Palace Lord Chi acts, I’m afraid that he isn’t any better than any medium levelled powerhouses!”