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Chapter 2064: Rake in a fortune again (6)

Quite a number of people were secretly whispering in one another’s ears as they slighted Chi Xiao Jiu with extreme disdain.

But everyone only dared to talk about this in secret, not daring to voice out loudly. After all, based on Chi Xiao Jiu’s cultivation, ordinary practitioners totally couldn’t afford to offend this kind of top rated expert.

No matter what, Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s reputation was equivalent to being saved.

When President Wen saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief as he threw a grateful glance towards Ye Xing Hua.

The beautiful emcee hurriedly returned back on stage as she continued with the next item up for auction.

“Guests, next have a look at this treasure. This item comes from West Sky Region…”

In the Number Seven cabin, Luo Jiyun laughed until he kept falling around, “Hahahahaha, Lil Sister-in-law, you’re too bad! Not only have you cheated him to spend a huge fortune to buy a not very useful Profound Weapon, moreover you had to tell him the truth about it! This time round, Chi Xiao Jiu really has his face thrown until where his home is!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as she said, “Merely just a slight punishment. Moreover, This Master’s Profound Weapon which I have casted can be sold for ten billion which isn’t any issue at all, so I didn’t really take too much of his money?”

Li Moying heard her narcissi words as he burst out laughing, while his gaze swept past her fair slender little face.

His little fox was laughing delightfully, revealing her sharp little tiger fangs.

Li Moying’s gaze dimmed as he placed his hand on her side face, “Why? So happy?”

Not knowing why, as long as she heard Li Moying using this kind of mellow and gentle voice talking to him, Huang Yueli’s face would uncontrollably flushed a shade of red.

“You… what are you doing?” Huang Yueli held his hand and gave him a stare, “There are so many people here! You’re not allowed to paw at me!”

Li Moying’s voice deepened as he leaned in close and it rang beside her ear once again, “If there’s no one around, then I can paw you?”

Huang Yueli felt his warm male’s breath blowing past her as her ears grew so hot that it started to burn. When she had clearly what he had just said, her willowy brows stood up and she looked as though she was about to act up.

But just as this moment, the cabin’s door came a series of knocking sound.

Cang Po Jun and the others had all consciously turned around, with their backs facing Sovereign and it was until the moment when they heard something before they revealed an astonished expression.

“Who would come knocking on the door at this moment?”

“Could it be Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men?”

“Open the door and take a look!”

Cang Po Hun walked over to open the door and on one look, he was surprised to see an unexpected figure outside the door.

“President Ye, why have you come over?”

Ye Xing Hua nodded his head and walked directly towards Huang Yueli as he bowed to her, “Master.”

Huang Yueli heard someone knocking and immediately gave Li Moying a push as she sat upright and still. Other than the shade of red which had not completely dissipated, she looked totally prim and proper.

“Cough cough, this… Xing Hua, this matter today is all thanks to you, you’ve done a good job.”

Li Moying propped his elbow against his head as his gaze still roved around his little fox’s elegant side face but upon hearing that, he couldn’t help but raise his brows, “En? So earlier you sent someone out to pass a message, is to look for President Ye?”

Ye Xing Hua lifted his eyes and took a look at Li Moying as he was instantly struck in his heart!

Although he had heard from Huang Yueli long ago and knew that Li Moying was the reincarnated Mu Chengying, but he still hadn’t met with Li Moying himself yet.

Right now when he saw him, he then realised that although Li Moying was much younger than in his past life and his cultivation had yet to reach peak condition, but that overpowering and might temperament, icily arrogant and conceited posture was no different from in his past life.