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Chapter 2062: Rake in a fortune again (4)

“Such a rare sword being sold to you, how did it become cheating?”

President Wen really felt aggrieved and furious!

The annual auction had just begun and they were said to be cheating, moreover it was one of the Seven Sacred Lands, Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord who said that!

He had not met with this kind of unreasonable matter for a number of years.

All the other practitioners present all expressed reconciliation towards what President Wen said.

“Isn’t that do? What President Wen said wasn’t wrong at all? Aren’t ninth tier Profound Armaments all sold in this way? From the Ardent Cloud Sword’s abundant Profound qi and the smoothness of how it flows, one would know that it’s already been restored completely!”

“That’s right, how would Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild sell substandard products? Just based on this evidence which is not even considered evidence, just sprouting rubbish like that, that isn’t very good isn’t it?”

“This… surely it can’t be that Palace Lord Chi had already regretted his decision right? After all the price is indeed… ridiculously high and after thinking through it calmly, he might feel that it’s not worth it so it’s understandable!”

“Palace Lord Chi’s feelings can be understood but the deal has already been sealed, but yet he still wants to go back on it? That doesn’t follow the regulations right?”

“That’s right, with Palace Lord Chi’s status, if he really wants to do such a thing, that would really be making a fool out of himself!”

Although the audience below the stage suppressed their voices, but just what kind of cultivation did Chi Xiao Jiu have? He naturally was able to hear all these.

This time round, the more he heard, the angrier he got but unfortunately he didn’t know who to vent this anger on!

Because what President Wen said was indeed not wrong and if they really had to fuss over the minor matters, Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild indeed did not need to bear any responsibility.

But only he himself knew that the restored Ardent Cloud Sword, it was no difference to others but to him… the difference was huge!

He had dumped so much spirit jades at one go, wasn’t his motive to pair up the Ardent Cloud Sword together with the set of Profound Armour which was kept in Mythical Flame Palace? Now that it couldn’t be paired into a set, then wouldn’t that mean that he suffered a huge loss!

Ever since Huang Yueli passed on, Mythical Flame Palace was in the state of declining every single year, and no longer had the same fortune as that year.

4.1 billion high grade spirit jades, that was a vast amount!

In the end, he bought such a toy back??

Chi Xiao Jiu almost fainted from anger as he was shaking all over.

But he tried his best to make himself calm down as he said, “Oh? You said the Ardent Cloud Sword had been restored successfully and it really has succeeded? Anyway it’s been restored so it is definitely a substandard item! This Seat doesn’t want this kind of goods!”

This time round, he totally didn’t want his face anymore as he tried to find various reasons to renege on this debt!

When President Wen heard that his expression turned ugly, “What do we think that Palace Lord Chi is doing? Are you trying to renege on the debt?”

Chi Xiao Jiu naturally wouldn’t admit as he spoke out righteously, “What reneging on the debt? Your Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild is the one who is at fault first! No matter who it is, do you dare to say that your skill is the same as my Junior Sister back then?”

President Wen wanted to rebuke when suddenly the beautiful emcee walked over and whispered something into his ear.

When President Wen heard that, his eyes instantly lit up.

“Alright since you don’t believe in our Merchant Guild, then that’s easy to handle. Armament Guild’s President President Ye, Grandmaster Ye Xing Hua is coincidentally here today. He is Grandmaster’s Huang’s direct disciple so speaking of that, he can be considered as Palace Lord Chi’s nephew and in terms of skills, he is now Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One whereas in terms of character, his reputation is resounding so for him to appraise the item on the spot, surely Palace Lord Chi will be able to trust him right?”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s heart jumped, “What? President Ye is here too?”