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Chapter 2061: Rake in a fortune again (3)

When the female attendant heard her say that, she immediately tensed up.

“You.. don’t sprout nonsense, the treasures that we Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild auctions can’t possibly have any problems! These have all been appraised by the Armament Guild!”

Chi Xiao Jiu also responded, “Hng, could it be that you didn’t manage to successfully bid for the Ardent Cloud Sword hence you intentionally sprout all these nonsense, thinking to gross out This Seat?”

Huang Yueli continued to speak out meekly as she replied in an anxious voice, “This… I really don’t mean it in this way… I just happened to see a tiny red coloured pattern on the Ardent Cloud Sword’s body by chance? The distance was a little too far so I didn’t see it earlier. This…. could it be that the sword blade had been damaged?”

Everyone was looking at them and when they heard Huang Yueli’s words, the beautiful emcee couldn’t help but voiced out.

“Young Miss Bai, you really can’t sprout nonsense like this! It’s true that there’s a small little pattern on the Ardent Cloud Sword and that was because back then when Grandmaster Huang had met with danger, the damage was unfortunately caused by that incident. But this sword had already been restored by Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s eighth ranked Armament Masters and had already been appraised by the Armament Guild, so the power is guaranteed to be no different from when it had just been refined! We Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild will absolutely not sell defective goods!”

The emcee spoke out righteously in indignance.

Everyone present all revealed an understandable expression.

This was also an unspeakable rule when high tiered Profound Armaments were being auctioned.

After all, there were only that few ninth tier Profound Armaments and there weren’t much in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. It was common for these godly sharp weapons to have been circulated for thousands of years and the cases where those items had been damaged and restored were indeed very common.

Ninth tier Profound Armaments which were from a much earlier era had no references if it had ever been restored before.

Hence for those Profound Armaments which had been restored previously, as long as the main body did not have a major problem and if it had passed the appraisal to guarantee that it could display that tier’s required power and that would be considered as a pass.

To those ordinary buyers who wanted to purchase the Ardent Cloud Sword, this explanation was indeed enough.

But to Chi Xiao Jiu, the beautiful emcee’s words were like a lightning strike on a clear day, crashing right onto the top of his head!

“You.. what did you say? This Ardent Cloud Sword had indeed been restored previously??” He stood up abruptly as his figure flashed and he immediately ran out of the cabin, snatching the long sword from the female attendant as he started to inspect it carefully.

There was indeed a minute red pattern on the sword blade but because the entire sword was red and the Profound Qi was abundant so it was totally not eye catching at all, which could easily be misunderstood as the sword blade’s original pattern.

In reality, for those experienced higher ranked Armament Masters, it was easy for them to tell that this was the sign of a restored Profound Weapon.

Chi Xiao Jiu came from Mythical Flame Palace after all and although he wasn’t an Armament Master, but he still had this kind of eyesight.

After a careful look, his entire body emitted a chill.

His hands started shaking, “Impossible, this is impossible! Since this sword had been restored before, why is it that you didn’t mention this before? Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild is cheating!”

Hearing that, everyone in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild were totally upset.

President Wen stood up personally as he creased his brows and said, “Palace Lord Chi, I can’t digest these words of yours! Our Merchant Guild had always been operating based on trust so how could you say that we are cheating? The Ardent Cloud Sword was indeed casted by Grandmaster Huang and is indeed a ninth tier lower grade Profound Armament which had passed the assessment and the power of it had even reached five times of an ordinary ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon!”