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Chapter 2060: 2060
Chapter 2060: Rake in a fortune again (2)

Luo Jiyun saw her smile on the edge of her lips but refused to say anything, as he curiously leaned over and suppressed his voice .

“Lil Sister-in-law, are you… . still intending to continue with the bid?”

Huang Yueli seemed as though she was looking at a retard, “Of course not going to add! It’s already at 4 billion and long surpassed an entire set of ninth tier lower grade Profound Armament’s total price . Chi Xiao Jiu’s following now because of face, but if I were to continue bidding, Chi Xiao Jiu will definitely not follow, don’t tell me that I really have to carry a broken sword back!”

Luo Jiyun was thoroughly despised as his expression was deflated instantly .

He was crying out in grievance! What Huang Yueli said was logical and was indeed very simple which was something that everyone knew .

But wasn’t it because she had been going against logic, unexpectedly kept on increasing the price, hence he thought that his lil Sister-in-law had some new moves just waiting to strike out? Otherwise, why would he bother asking?

Now it was great, it made him appear as though he was a retard!

Cang Po Jun and the others stifled their laughs .

Huang Yueli put the cup down and raised her voice as she opened her mouth but her tone was totally unexpected as it held a sliver of quivering and terror .

“This… . since… Palace Lord Chi really wants it so much, then I’d better… better… not want it… . . ”

The weak voice and sweet tone reverberated above the skies in the auction house, displaying a frightened look .

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard that, he then felt as though he had slightly won back some pride .

At last, Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord name and his Chi Xiao Jiu’s ability, was enough to intimidate everyone . That lass assumed that she was great just because she had money, but in the end, didn’t she still have to obediently admit her defeat?

“4 . 1 billion once, 4 . 1 billion twice, 4 . 1 billion thrice… . Deal! Congratulations to Number Seven cabin’s distinguished guest, for auctioning this ninth tier lower grade Cloud Ardent Sword which was refined by Grandmaster Huang!”

Hearing the confirmation of the successful deal, Chi Xiao Jiu couldn’t help but give off a long peal of delighted laughter .

Although he had spent so many high grade spirit jades in one shot, but at least, this treasured sword still landed in his hands!

A young lass, also dared to fight with him?

After the beautiful emcee finished counting down with a face full of smiles, she got someone to deliver the Ardent Cloud Sword to Number Seven cabin .

Just this transaction alone had surpassed normal pricing by five to six times so to Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild, it was an auspicious start .

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Not only had they raked in a huge fortune, moreover it was also an extremely good sign .

A beautiful female attendant carried the sword box with both hands as she walked towards the Number Seven cabin in the brilliant and colourful passageway floating in mid-air .

The second auction item had already been brought up onto the auction stage but a majority of everyone’s gazes were still gathered onto the Ardent Cloud Sword .

A heavenly price of 4 . 1 billion high grade spirit jades worth, it was something that everyone wanted to take a few more looks .

Just as the female attendant was passing by the Number Six and Number Seven cabins, suddenly a sweet and melodious voice rang .

“Wait a minute! This Ardent Cloud Sword… . can I have a look at it?”

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The female attendant’s footsteps paused as she turned back with an astonished look .

She had never met with this kind of situation before . The auction had already been confirmed and there were people who still wanted to look at the auction item?

Huang Yueli’s voice wasn’t very soft and Chi Xiao Jiu who was on the opposite side also heard that as he couldn’t help but gave a cold laugh, “Lass, what tricks are you up to? Weren’t you the one who said that you wouldn’t bid for it anymore, now trying to create trouble?”

Huang Yueli’s voice was timid as though she was very frightened .

“This… I don’t mean that, I just feel that… there seems to be something wrong with this sword…”