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Published at 7th of February 2021 03:00:39 PM

Chapter 2054
Chapter 2054: Number One Armament Master’s social status (4)

Luo Jiyun nodded his head, “Ughh, yes . It’s… it’s Palace Lord Chi . ”

Huang Yueli laughed as she conveniently placed the teacup back onto the side table .

“I knew it was him! Other than him, there wouldn’t be anyone else who is willing to bid for such a high price! To Mythical Flame Palace, this Ardent Cloud Sword’s pricing is extraordinary because the other people do not know the secret inside . ”

Everyone was stunned and even Li Moying rose his brows and asked, “Oh? What do you mean by this?”

Huang Yueli said, “That year when I was still in Mythical Flame Palace, I’ve once refined a set of Profound Armour suit which were using the exact same materials as this Ardent Cloud Sword hence if that set of Profound Armour could be coordinated with the Ardent Cloud Sword, with the combination of attack and defence, the prowess will definitely increase in folds! To them, Ardent Cloud Sword’s pricing is not merely just a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon!”

When Luo Jiyun heard that, his face was filled with irreconciliation, “What? Lil Sister-in-law, you actually still left so many Profound Weapons back in Mythical Flame Palace! You’ve really left these scums a good deal! How do they even have the cheek to use the Profound Armaments that you have refined? Moreover, now it’s a complete set!”

Huang Yueli spoke out helplessly, “There’s no choice about this . That year I also did not expect that I’d be betrayed by my best friend! Mythical Flame Palace is where my sect is so naturally there would be a number of good stuff left there, but… . I’ll get it all back soon or later!”

Speaking of this, a smile was suddenly revealed on her face, “Speaking of this, Chi Xiao Jiu definitely had not expected that this Ardent Cloud Sword had actually been snapped broken thirty over years ago, when I was in a middle of a battle while in experience learning!”

“What? Snapped broken? But the sword below… . Totally like it’s totally undamaged?” Cang Po Jun had a shock .

Huang Yueli smiled, “You’re not Armament Masters so naturally you’d not be able to tell the knack of this . Actually this sword had later been re-refined by someone else, joining the two parts together . The Armament Master who restored the Ardent Cloud Sword indeed has not too bad skills . After the restoration, it is still able to display ninety percent of that year’s power . ”

Cang Po Jun said, “So it’s like this . ”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “To ordinary buyers, ninety percent power is more than enough for use . But to this Senior Brother of mine, it wouldn’t be that good of a matter . Different materials are needed to be added to proceed with the refining, which is to say that this Ardent Cloud Sword already has impurities and the materials used are no longer the same as the Profound Armour which is kept in Mythical Flame Palace . So it cannot be combined into a set any longer . ”

As she was saying that, she was rapping the table as her lips curled .

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When Luo Jiyun saw her smile, not knowing why, his heart suddenly turned chilly and he couldn’t help but shuddered .

Lil Sister-in-law obviously looked pure and pretty when she smiled, but why was it that, he… felt so frightened?

Li Moying turned his head and took a look at her, as a smile flashed past his eyes .

“Since that’s the case… what are you still waiting for? Need me to help you bid?”

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He abruptly opened his mouth as a mellow and magnetic voice was filled with indulgence and adoration .

Huang Yueli giggled, “No need, I’ll do it myself!”

At this point in time, the beautiful emcee on the stage was already counting down, “Nine hundred million! Nine hundred million high grade spirit jades! Are there any higher bids than this? Nine hundred million once! Nine hundred million twice! Nine hundred million th… . ”

“One billion!”

A crisp and sweet voice suddenly floated in the air .

The entire scenario turned silent, as everyone lifted their heads in shock, looking towards the location where the voice originated from .