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Chapter 2055
Chapter 2055: Number One Armament Master’s social status (5)

By the time they saw the position of the cabin clearly, everyone revealed an enlightened look .

“Oh… so it’s someone from Blue Profound Sect who’s bidding! No wonder they’re the Number One Sacred Lands, they’re so generous when calling out bids! Just one bid and it jacked up to one billion high grade spirit jades!”

“This time, Blue Profound Sect’s guests only has one Young Miss Bai so surely it’s not her who’s calling the big right? She opened her mouth and called out for the heavenly price of one billion to buy a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon, won’t you make a huge loss? Young Sect Master Li actually doesn’t control her at all?”

“Control her? Why does he need to control her? The Number One Sacred Lands have vast fortunes so this isn’t really considered as a lot of money right? There has always been an anecdote of using thousand gold to win the beauty’s smile so this isn’t considered as something strange isn’t it?”

“… . This Bai Ruoli is just too lucky! What kind of innate talent and social standing does Young Sect Master Li have? He’s actually willing to discard a thousand gold for her?”

Many young ladies were gnashing their teeths secretly as their hearts were filled with jealousy .

Whereas in Mythical Flame Palace’s cabin , Chi Xiao Jiu’s face was overcast with dark clouds .

“What the hell? Why did Blue Profound Sect’s people suddenly stick a pole suddenly like this? That Li Moying isn’t of Fire attribute at all, why does he fight over this Ardent Cloud Sword with This Seat for?”

He was originally an extremely handsome looking man as well but unfortunately there was a scar on the right side of his face, which had spoiled his countenance, making him look rather sinister instead .

Ling Qing Yu who was dressed in a light green blouse and wrap skirt who was seated next to him, pondered in deep thoughts .

“I heard that Li Moying’s fiancée is of fire attribute so perhaps that young lass bidded for this is for her own use . Speaking of that, Blue Profound Sect is indeed rich, willing to come out with such a high price for a direct disciple… Palace Lord Chi, are you going to continue increasing the bid?”

Chi Xiao Jiu sneered, “Increase! Of course we have to increase! The Ardent Cloud Sword is something that This Seat must obtain! This young lass indeed has guts to dare to snatch the sword with This Seat, too bad… she’s destined not to be able to win!”

Saying that, he took a deep breath and called out, “1 . 1 billion!”

When Huang Yueli bided, the beautiful emcee was already shocked beyond words as she was entirely stunned .

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She had not expected that she had just regained her senses when she heard Chi Xiao Jiu bidding again .

1 . 1 billion high grade spirit jades!

Even to the Seven Sacred Lands, this was a rather huge expense!

Using this amount to purchase a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon, to tell the truth, it was considered as a heavenly price . Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild auctioned the Ardent Cloud Sword, originally had the intention to sell it off at seven to eight hundred million but now it actually jumped directly to 1 . 1 billion!

To the beautiful emcee, the percentage which she had obtained had increased by quite a huge bit and this time round, her smile couldn’t be concealed .

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“1 . 1 billion! 1 . 1 billion high grade spirit jades! The guests in Number Seven VIP cabin is indeed driven! May I ask… guests in Number Six VIP cabin, will you still be following?”

To tell the truth, the emcee was just casually asking .

The price had already been raised to this high and if they continued raising it, it would simply be too dumb .

Moreover speaking, Chi Xiao Jiu was the head of the Mythical Flame Palace, one of the Seven Sacred Lands . Li Moying’s young fiancée was only Blue Profound Sect’s direct disciple, how did she ever have the guts to go up against Palace Lord Chi?

However, the truth was out of everyone’s expectations .

When the emcee asked, a melodious sweet voice rang again, “Of course we’ll follow! Adding one hundred million at a time is just too slow! Palace Lord Chi is Sky Emperor City’s first rate character, why are you so petty! I’ll bid… . 1 . 5 million!”