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Chapter 2053
Chapter 2053: Number One Armament Master’s social status (3)

This pricing, to small powerhouses, was definitely something which they were unable to afford .

To medium powerhouses, it was also a huge expense and even if they were able to bid for it successfully, the cost-performance ratio wouldn’t be too high as well .

But to genuine first rate powerhouses in Sky Emperor City, this pricing was just a beginning .

“Five hundred million high grade spirit jades! Is there really no one who will continue to bid? The ninth tier Profound Weapon which Grandmaster Huang left when she was still alive, this is an extremely rare treasure which will be bided for! Currently in Soaring Heavens Continent, there are no new ninth ranked Armament Masters yet and everyone who wants a ninth tier Profound Armament would not have too many chances so don’t miss this rare chance just to save a bit of money!”

The beautiful emcee’s eloquence was rather good as she kept encouraging the guests to bid .

Actually, without her saying, everyone knew clearly that Huang Yueli’s works weer not just worth this much .

During the short moment of silent…

“Five hundred and fifty million!” An icy cold voice was heard .

The guests below the stage all raised up their heads at the same time, gazing up towards the sky .

Because this time round, the person who bided was seated in the highest level of the VIP cabin, which was to say… . He came from one of the Seven Sacred Lands!

This bid meant that, the auction had already went into the last of the spree and there was no possibility for the other ordinary buyers to partake in it any longer .

As expected, after this bid was raised, there were some other people who continued to raise the bid as well, but every single time, it would be the one who was seated in the VIP cabin to bid in the air .

“Six hundred million!”

“Six hundred and fifty million!”

“Seven hundred million!”

The pricing of the bid went higher and higher and Luo Jiyun was completely dumbstruck, “Hea… Heavens, Lil Sister-in-aw, your this… . this Profound Armament of yours is just too valuable! My Eldest Senior Brother has found a rich woman by finding you!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she giggled as she didn’t care about Li Moying’s cold intent and raised her hand to caress his face .

“Isn’t that so? Your Eldest Senior Brother is so handsome, so he definitely meets the mark to be a gigolo! In future, remember to serve me well!”

“Li’er!” Li Moying gave her a warning stare but Huang Yueli was totally not afraid of him as she even stuck out her tongue .

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After the price had been stretched to eight hundred million, the price suddenly stopped again .

“Looks like… this Ardent Cloud Sword’s auction is really about to end . ” Cang Po Jun sighed with emotion .

Cang Po Yu nodded, “That’s right, a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon’s pricing is normally around four to five hundred million spirit jades whereas Grandmaster Huang’s work’s pricing are usually much higher . But eight hundred million is roughly the limit so if they continue bidding, it would not be worthy then . ”

The two of them were considered as experts in differentiating treasures so the words they said were logical .

But Cang Po Yu’s words had just fallen when a bid was heard coming from the opposite cabin, “Nine hundred million!”

This was a living example of being slapped on the face and Cang Po Yu’s expression turned ugly instantly .

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Luo Jiyun couldn’t help but laughed, “Guardian Yu, Guardian Jun, the both of you have guessed wrongly?”

Cang Po Yu frowned, “This… this isn’t logical? Spending nine hundred million to buy a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon, this pricing… . Just adding a little more and one will be able to purchase a ninth tier middle grade weapon! Who is the one who’s bidding for this?”

Luo Jiyun looked out and took a look, “It’s…”

When he opened his mouth, he immediately hushed up again as he looked at Huang Yueli cautiously .

Huang Yueli’s expression was calm, “It’s my Senior Brother Chi Xiao Jiu who’s calling the bid!”