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Published at 2nd of February 2021 09:21:52 AM

Chapter 2044: The brutal truth (6)

Ever since that day, Li Moying rested for several days .

When he was conscious, Huang Yueli stayed by his side constantly and it was only until Li Moying went to rest before she did some other matters .

Li Moying’s body had an apparent improvement . At least for the eight to ten hours where he was conscious, he was no different from any normal person and his actions were as usual, while his Profound energy also gradually stabilized .

Ever since the day after Liu Buyan found out the truth from Huang Yueli, he had not appeared even once .

Huang Yueil knew that he had suffered a huge blow, hence she couldn’t help but sighed over this .

Even Li Moying, although he refused to admit it, but he was secretly scouting news about Liu Buyan .

However, Liu Buyan seemed as though he had vanished . Blue Profound Sect’s secret scouts weren’t able to find his whereabouts .

Luckily, Dai Boqi had been residing in Levitation Sword Palace and every single day morning, he would always be there on time to take Li Moying’s pulse so with him around, Huang Yueli felt more assured .

Regarding Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan’s matters, Dai Boqi had already found out the truth from Cang Po Jun and the others .

He remained silent for a long time and while Li Moying was resting, he got Huang Yueli to meet him .

“Young Miss Bai, you and Yan’er’s matters, this old man has roughly got it cleared up . You and him… . . is there really no possibility? Although he had indeed done something wrong, but this old man can tell that Yan’er truly likes you!”

Huang Yueli shook her head as she spoke out gravely, “Divine Doctor Dai, everyone in Blue Profound Sect is extremely grateful to you for being able to save Moying’s life and if you have any other wishes, I will definitely think of ways to help you materialise your wishes . But for me and Divine Doctor Liu… it’s really not possible . I’ve already got someone whom I like and since I’m already engaged, I can’t possibly betray my fiancé . ”

Dai Boqi looked at her and sighed deeply as he shook his head, “Sigh, originally this old man was thinking that Yan’er had already remained single for such a long time for the past life’s you, and this time round if he was really able to get a fiancée with such outstanding pill refining innate talent, in future the both of you will be able to live in each other’s company . This old man is already at this age so I will have no more regrets… . . ”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “Divine Doctor Dai, you’re still strong and healthy, so you will definitely get to see the day when Divine Doctor Liu gets married . ”

“I hope so… . . ” Dai Boqi’s gaze seemed to have dimmed a little .

Actually, no matter if it was him or Huang Yueli, they all knew it clearly .

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Liu Buyan had suffered such huge blows twice in his relationship and for him to recover, it was probably not something which could be achieved within the next one to two years’ time .

Dai Boqi lamented for moments when he suddenly changed the topic, “Young Miss Bai, you said earlier… that if I have any other wishes, you will definitely help me materialise it?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “That’s right! Will Divine Doctor Dai please feel free to let me know!”

She replied in this way, truly sincere about it because Dai Boqi was Li Moying’s saviour and this to her, was just too important hence she could give up any price for this!

Dai Boqi laughed as he said, “This old man has already mentioned this many times, that I wish to take you in as a disciple but you’ve been pushing it off, until now you still haven’t agreed to it?”

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“This… . . ” Huang Yueli had not expected for him to state this request as she was stunned .

Dai Boqi intentionally put on a straight face, “Why? Didn’t you say that you’re able to materialise whatever wish this old man has? Regretting it now? This old man knows that you’re an extremely outstanding Armament Master, do you feel that refining pills is a waste of time?”

Huang Yueli’s intentions were caught by him as she blushed in embarrassment, “I don’t mean it in this way…”