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Chapter 2045: : Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (1)
Chapter 2045: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (1)

Like armament refining, a highly skilled technique like pill refining required a huge amount of devotion towards time and energy before one could achieve much hence many Pill Masters delayed their cultivations . Although they had not bad innate talent, but their cultivation in terms of martial arts was too horrible .

Huang Yueli had already split a considerable amount of time to cultivation ever since she instinctively learnt armament refining .

Now, if she had to add another skill set of pill refining…

Then in future, was she going to continue cultivating or not?

Dai Boqi continued, “You have to think through this carefully . After you have learnt pill refining and medical skills, you will then be able to personally help Sovereign Mu, your most important person to do his diagnosis and if such a matter happens again, you need not go around begging others to help, nor will you be threatened by anyone else again! In future, you can also personally take care of Sovereign Mu!”


When Dai Boqi mentioned this, it really tempted Huang Yueli .

Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness was the greatest secret worry in the innermost part of her heart and if she personally learnt pill refining skills, naturally Li Moying’s safety would have assurance .

“But even if I learn pill refining skills, I don’t know when will I be able to gain such outstanding and expert medical skills like you, and whether will it be enough to help Moying…”

Dai Boqi replied, “You’re thinking too much! Your pill refining skills, if we really talked about it, would probably be above Yan’er’s! If you don’t learn pill refining, that would be a real waste of natural resources! As long as you’re willing to learn, you won’t even need a few years’ time and you will definitely surpass this old man . Why, what are you still hesitating about?”

Huang Yueli turned around and bowed, “This disciple pays respect to Master . ”

Saying that, she respectfully kowtowed to Dai Boqi three times, making a standard mark of acknowledging her Master .

Dai Boqi’s face was revealed with excitement as he was filled with so much couldn’t help but prance around .

“Good! Good! This is really fabulous! I’d not expected that this old man had searched around for so many years and had really taken in a second disciple who’s innate talent on par with Yan’er! Haha, that’s simply great! In future, you will also become an accomplished Divine Doctor!”

Huang Yueli’s face also revealed a sincere smile on seeing him so ecstatic .

To be able to acknowledge a Master with such expert medical skills and so protective, was simply her good luck .

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Most importantly, she would be able to stay by Li Moying’s side and protect him, removing all obstacles for him .

For two lifetimes, this man had always been the one to stay by her side, protecting and taking care of her, disregarding the gains and losses . This time round, let her be the one to do some things for him!

Five days later, Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s annual auction officially started .

As the Number One Sacred Lands, Blue Profound Sect had naturally received the highest grade of invitation .

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But in the past Sovereign would not personally attend the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild auction and sometimes, even Cang Po Jun would be too busy to attend it personally .

This time round, in order to be able to obtain the Purified Branch successfully, Huang Yueli insisted on heading over to the auction herself, to take part in the auction and Li Moying couldn’t rest his heart so he also went along .

Huang Yueli was initially mindful of his condition and refused to let him go but she was stuffed right back by Li Moying .

“The last time you went to Sky Emperor City, you were almost kidnapped and this time round at the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild auction, many first rate top exponents from various powerhouses will be attending . The strong is everywhere like clouds and what you’re snatching is the most important treasure so surely you know just how dangerous it is, isn’t it? Anyway either you let me tag along, or you stay obediently in Levitation Sword Palace and wait for Po Jun to auction the Purified Branch back . ”

Huang Yueli was helpless and could only agree to let him tag along .

In order to protect the two of them, the Three Guardians also went along .