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Published at 30th of January 2021 02:35:11 AM

Chapter 2043: 2043
Chapter 2043: The brutal truth (5)

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, and blinked once more, putting an extremely innocent expression .

“Since when did I? I merely told him about my real identity… . . ”

Li Moying humphed, “You told him? What was his reaction? Knowing that you are the female goddess in your past life, doesn’t it mean that he is even more obstinately persistent in going about things in the wrong way? Moreover, you treat him so amicably so does that mean that you’ve already forgotten how he had deceived you previously?”

Huang Yueli burst out a laugh as she walked over and tugged his sleeve, swaying it .

“How could that be? He dared to injure my man, I will absolutely not forgive him! But on account that he is sincere in treating you, don’t you intentionally go against him, your body condition is what matters the most . ”

Li Moying pursed his lips as he didn’t say a word .

Huang Yueli walked over and her hands draped around his shoulders as she tipped her toes and her dainty little face leaned in close to him, exhaling, “Alright? Don’t make me get too worried? After you have recovered from your Soul Detachment Illness, if you’re still unwilling to forgive Liu Buyan, then I will absolutely stand on the same line as you! Otherwise you are always ill and that makes me really afraid…”

The young lady’s warm breath enveloped around his nose and Li Moying seemed as though he was bewitched as he leaned in slightly .

Just as the both of them were getting closer, suddenly, a cry of surprise came from the exterior of the pavilion .

“Aiya, there’s someone here!!”

Huang Yueli pushed Li Moying aside as she hastily and flusteredly hid in one corner .

Li Moying’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the person who came over, “What’s the matter?”

His tone was stern and the female attendant who held onto a serving tray had a huge shock as she lowered her head and replied, “Sovereign, this… . Grandmaster Huang had just ordered us to bring over some tea and snacks… . . ”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “Leave it on the table, you may leave!”

Saying that, she slipped out and sped towards the stone table as she sat down and after the female attendant put down the serving tray, she simply couldn’t wait as she picked up and popped one piece of plum blossom cake into her mouth .

“Mmmmmm, it’s so delicious! I’ve not had my breakfast yet, I’m so hungry!”

Li Moying’s intimate action was interrupted and originally he was feeling rather unhappy over it but upon turning back to take a look to find that his little fox hadn’t seemed to have noticed his unpleasantness, only caring about good, he grew even more melancholic .

“Is it really that delicious?”

Huang Yueli was just enjoying her food when she suddenly heard someone talking behind her .

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She hurriedly nodded her head, “Very delicious, Moying, you’re hungry too right? Come over and have a piece!”

Li Moying looked deeply at her, “Alright, then I shall… . Not refuse you!”

Saying that, he hooked up Huang Yueli’s lower jaw and lowered his head as he sealed Huang Yueli’s lips .

“Mm . . Mmph?” Huang Yueli stared at him blankly as she was totally unprepared when the plum blossom cake in her mouth was hooked away by that man .

After some time later, Li Moying let her go as he licked his lips and the corners curled upwards, “The taste isn’t bad at all!”

“You… return me my plum blossom cake!”

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Huang Yueli pounced over, wanting to hit him but her feet were hooked by Li Moying and she fell into his arms instead .

She was about to fly into a rage when suddenly, a piece of plum blossom cake was delivered to her mouth, “Alright, be obedient, I’ve already compensated you!”

Huang Yueli pouted as she lifted her eyes and took a look at him, only to see the man’s perfectly handsome countenance lit up with smiles, and his slender good looking fingers was holding on to the dark reddish purple coloured plum blossom cake, and the scenery behind him was dense with mist .

Everything seemed as though it had returned to twenty over years ago… . .

Her pink lips opened up and swallowed the plum blossom cake .

On one bite, the sourish sweet taste instantly seeped into the bottom of her heart .