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Chapter 2041
Chapter 2041: The brutal truth (3)

Momentarily, a bad feeling suddenly enveloped his heart .

Liu Buyan’s heart kept pounding wildly, as an alarmed and terrified sensation filled his senses .

“You… . who are you… . . ”

Huang Yueli slowly turned around and faced him as she spoke out softly, “Brother Liu, do you still not understand? I… am Huang Yueli, who had died sixteen years ago in the Northern Ice Fields!”

“You… what did you say??”

Liu Buyan whooshed up from his seat and his two eyes were enlarged, as he stared intently at Huang Yueli .

For that one instance, Huang Yueli thought that he would charge towards her . But Liu Buyan merely clenched his fists tightly, as he tried his best to suppress the urge in his heart .

He retreated several steps backwards and his gaze remained fixed on Huang Yueli without blinking his eyes at all, as he shook his head in disbelief, “No, impossible! How could this be possible? This is absolutely not possible!”

Huang Yueli stared at his eyes as her voice was extremely cold yet calm .

“Why is it not possible? Actually you’ve already started to have some suspicions isn’t it? But you were merely deceiving yourself, pretending not to know the truth isn’t it? I am a fire attributed practitioner and also an Armament Master . You should have heard of all these previously on just how good my armament refining innate talent is and if not for my past life’s experience, it’s impossible for me to improve in such a swift speed and my cultivation speed could not possibly be this fast!”

“After Li Moying got together with me, he no longer went around searching for the woman who he loved in his past life, don’t you find that strange? A man like him, with unwavering determination, how could he simply have a change of heart that easily? Could it be that you’ve never delved into this topic before?”

“Most importantly, the first time when we met, you already feel that I’m very alike to the me in my past life isn’t that so? Haven’t you even made me try out the clothes which I’ve worn and played the zither score in my past life?”

“All these matters, if it’s just one or two incidents, it might possibly be a coincidence but with so many lumped together, how could it possibly be explained with just a mere coincidence?”

With every single sentence which Huang Yueli said, Liu Buyan’s face turned ashy grey .

He only felt his brain wheezing as multiple thoughts were swirling around in his mind, his heart beating so fast that it almost jumped out of his chest!

“No, impossible, impossible…” Liu Buyan was still muttering to himself .

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Huang Yueli sighed and said, “Why is it not possible? I still remember the matters that we’ve been through in our past lives! Do you need me to spill it out before you believe me? The both of us knew one another much earlier than when I met Mu Chengying and you were only thirteen to fourteen years old back then . You were brought over to Mythical Flame Palace as a guest and that was how we met . ”

“Back then you asked me what’s the thing which I liked the most? I said I wanted to become the Number One Armament Master in the world and later on you said you will also become the Number One Pill Master in the world! All these words, we should be the only ones who know about it, I didn’t even tell Moying about this!”

“You… you… . ”

Liu Buyan was so shocked that he practically couldn’t say a single word, as the blood in his body seemed to congealed in one instance .

The things which Huang Yueli said, were incidents which had really happened!

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Thirty over years had passed and many of the things which they did when they were young and reckless, Liu Buyan’s memory was long blurry on those but the only thing was remained fresh as though it was engraved in the deepest part of his soul, were all the small matters related to Huang Yueli, which he totally could not forget .

Especially their first meeting when he saw her, those memories were etched deeply .

Because of that one graceful glance, he had been unable to forget her for eternity… .

This part of memory was something which no one else could possibly know .