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Chapter 2042: 2042
Chapter 2042: The brutal truth (4)

The young lady in front of him could say so much, and combining all the various doubts which she had mentioned earlier, the answer… . couldn’t be any clearer .

She… was that year’s Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Lord, Huang Yueli!

She was the Number One Beauty within the Continent whom he had several decades ago, tried to pursue but was unsuccessful!

But, how was this possible?

Perhaps it could be said that, how did he…discover this point only until today?

Perhaps it was just like what Huang Yueli said, in the deepest part of his heart, he had already sensed this point instinctively and he actually knew what the truth to this matter was!

But he rather pretended to not see these, willing to allow himself to be deceived, believing that Huang Yueli and Bai Ruoli was a different person!

Only in this way was he able to hypnotise himself, giving himself enough reason to fight with Li Moying for the woman whom he had liked for so many years .

Because Li Moying should be together than the past life’s Huang Yueli, hence he should have the rights to pursue after Bai Ruoli… . .

Such perfect thinking, but everything was just a reflection of a flower in the mirror, the moon in the water so eventually, everything would still disappear…

Thinking of this, Liu Buyan’s lips surfaced bitterly, as he suddenly started laughing out loudly .

“Hahaha, haha… so, the reality is actually like this! I’m really too dumb, too dumb…”

He raised his head and although he was smiling, but his laughter sounded especially ear piercing .

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she kept silent, not intending to interrupt his bitter laugh .

She also didn’t know what she should say because this truth, to Liu Buyan, was indeed too cruel .

But she had no choice but to do so, to poke through this paper window, revealing the truth clearly in front of everyone so that Liu Buyan would not continue on his wrong way, so that he could completely cut off those thoughts…

This moment, although to him, was very painful .

But the ending was in fact better for everyone .

Liu Buyan laughed for a very long time, and when he finally stopped, the corners of his eyes were faintly damp .

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Huang Yueli pretended as though she didn’t see anything as she asked softly, “Brother Liu, you… are you alright?”

Liu Buyan clenched his teeth, “I… I need some time alone, I’ll take my leave!”

Saying that, he turned around and leapt upwards and in a flash, his silhouette had already flashed past the surface of the lake, disappearing into the end of the garden .

Huang Yueli blinked as she gave a sigh, her heart was filled with unspeakable pity .

No matter what, Liu Buyan’s intentions towards her, it wasn’t as though she totally could not sensed anything .

But for matters of the heart, it was not possible to force it . She simply didn’t like the type of men like Liu Buyan so even if there wasn’t Li Moying, it was not possible for her to fall in love with him…

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Past and this life, everything, could only be said… to be predestined…

“Wish nothing will happen to Brother Liu and he will be able to think through this sooner…” Huang Yueli muttered to herself .

“Hmph! You indeed pity him!”

Suddenly, a cold and magnetic voice rang behind her .

Huang Yueli had a shock as she turned her head around and saw Li Moying’s tall statue standing right behind her, his good looking suave face was obviously unpleasant, as his tone was extremely tsundere .

Huang Yueli blinked her big round eyes, “When did you arrive?”

“Just, why? Blaming me for interrupting you two having a heart to heart chat?” Li Moying swept a glance at her, as his tone was extremely chilly .