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Published at 29th of January 2021 02:55:21 PM

Chapter 2040
Chapter 2040: The brutal truth (2)

In the dim light in the dawn, there was an indescribable loneliness and melancholy around him .

Huang Yueli subconsciously stopped in her tracks .

Whereas Liu Buyan seemed to have noticed as he turned around .

Huang Yueli saw his face and was slightly astonished . It had just been one night and Liu Buyan’s complexion had turned extremely haggard .

The past distinguished, accomplished and casual look, the high spirited Number One Divine Doctor, now looked like a changed man . His eyes were bleak with depression and the faint smile which had always hung by the side of his lips had vanished without a trace .

“You… . ” Huang Yueli opened her mouth but suddenly stopped .

Liu Buyan saw her awkwardness and continued from there, “I know you don’t wish to see me but I’m also not just staying around for no reason . Although Li Moying’s Soul Detachment illness is now under control, there’s no guarantee that nothing erratic would not happen so I must stay nearby on duty at any moment . After the medicinal herbs have been collected with the successful refining of the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill and after his primordial spirit has stabilized, I will naturally leave immediately . ”

While he was saying that, he stole a glance at Huang Yueli and on seeing her still not talking, he sadly add one more sentence, “If… if you really feel that I’m an eyesore in Levitation Sword Palace, I can stay over at the outer disciple’s side and be a little further away from Levitation Sword Palace . Usually if there’s any urgent situation, my Master can more or less handle it…”

The pain in Liu Buyan’s eyes grew deeper .

But he also knew that all these were something which he had brought upon himself, so who else could he blame?

Huang Yueli looked deeply into his eyes before she said, “It’s just nice that you’re here . There’s some things which I wish to talk to you about . ”

Liu Buyan was extremely surprised, “You’re looking for me? What is it regarding?”

He assumed that Huang Yueli wasn’t willing to talk to him .

Huang Yueli said, “This is not a place to talk, come along with me . ”

Saying that, she turned around and led Liu Buayn through the long corridor, all the way to a quiet area in the garden, where there was a small pavilion hidden in the middle of the lake .

“Have a seat, I’ve already got the female attendants to bring some tea and snacks . ” Huang Yueli pointed to a chair towards him .

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Liu Buyan frowned slightly as he looked suspiciously to his left and right before he sat down .

He had not expected, nor could he understand why Huang Yueli had suddenly treat him in such an amiable manner now? Was it because Li Moying was now out of danger and she was already appeased?

Liu Buyan looked at the young lady in front of him doubtfully and he had not expected that Huang Yueli didn’t sit down opposite him, but she turned slightly and gazed outwards of the pavilion .

After some time later, she spoke softly, “Twenty over years ago, every time I came to Levitation Sword Palace, the place I liked the most is this pavilion . Gazing out from this place, the lake and sky seemed to have joined together, as though it was infinite to no end . At that time, standing beside… him, I also thought that this scene would never change forever and that moment felt like eternity . ”

Liu Buyan was stunned when he heard that, assuming that he had heard her wrongly .

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Twenty over years ago?

Twenty over years ago, this young lass wasn’t even born yet!

What on earth was she trying to say, could it be that she had been demonised? Or, did she have a nightmare last night?

“Young Miss Bai, you…”

Liu Buyan frowned as he tried to speak, but was cut off .

“… . . Now thinking back, life is so unpredictable, like floating clouds by the sky . Clouds gather and part and all these can’t be done according to their wishes . Once you’ve lost something, it is possible that it would be lost forever . The only thing I can do, is to cherish whatever is in front of me, and work hard to become even stronger, to protect those people whom I value . ”

Liu Buyan was listening to her, and the more he listened, the more he felt that something was not right .