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Chapter 2038
Chapter 2038: The jealous Sovereign (4)

She could only subconsciously did according to what he said, as she obediently kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed .

But she didn’t take off her outer garment as she just said beside Li Moying with her clothes intact .

Her posture was especially standard, her face facing upwards and both hands were placed beside her waist, as she laid in a flat position .

Li Moying turned his head slightly and sensed the young lady next to him, giving off a faint exclusive smell which had a combination of flowery and fragrant bouquet, warm, pure, quiet and nice .

This was Huang Yueli’s exclusive deodorant and to Li Moying, it was the only smell which could make him feel at ease and at peace whenever his Soul Detachment Illness occurred .

Li Moying took a deep breath and he really wanted to turn around to wrest this young lady into his arm, recklessly kissing her . In this period of time which she had left, the desire and longing for her had already accumulated to an astonishing amount .

Alas, right now he did not have that much energy… . .

Thinking of this, Li Moying hated his current condition even more, as he couldn’t wait to get better immediately!

After Huang Yueli laid straight, she shut her eyes and said, “Alright, I’ve already laid down, can you rest already? I’ll be right here accompanying you!”

Li Moying said, “You didn’t even take off your clothes, totally don’t look as though you want to sleep at all . ”

Huang Yueli replied forcefully and with justice, “I’m not here to sleep, I’m here to take care of you! Later what if you’re thirsty or feeling uncomfortable so I’d still need to climb up and take care of you! Not taking off the outer garment is much more convenient, am I right?”

Obviously knowing that she was quibbling, but towards this little fox’s astute and sweet little face, Li Moying couldn’t say any words of rebuttal at all .

He moaned softly, “What fallacious reasoning is that? Then you give me a kiss!”

“Ah? Why?” Huang Yueli was stunned .

“I’m your fiancé and I asked you to give me a kiss, do I need a reason for that?” Li Moying swept her a glance .

Huang Yueli could tell that he was acting tsundere again so she had no choice but to turn around and look at him .

The man in front of her, his body turned sideways and his young handsome features were so pale and frail, yet still filled with a pure man’s seductiveness and there was a tinge of beauty in his sick condition .

Huang Yueli’s gaze glided past his brows and that deep profound black eyes, along that pencil straight nose, finally landed on his slightly pale thin lips .

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This formidable man seldom had such frail moments .

Those lips when tightly pursed, looked especially cold and emotionless but only she knew that this man in front of her eyes, when he loved someone, he could be that passionate, like a moth flying towards the fire, disregarding everything else…

Huang Yueli’s heart shivered slightly as she slowly leaned towards Li Moying .

Soft and bouncy with a familiar touch, only… a little cold .

Huang Yueli’s mind had just flashed past this thought when her lips suddenly felt pain .

“Mmph!” She couldn’t help but cried out in shock .

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Following that, Li Moying’s tongue took the split second opportunity to extend into her opened mouth as he extended right in and overbearingly and forcibly drew in her sweetness and warmth .

Intense kiss was still the same as the usual passion and even, far more scorching than usual times .

Li Moying wildly licked and lapped her, even rashly biting her several times .

Huang Yueli was in pain but she couldn’t help but lifted her hand to hug the man in front of her .

Because she could distinctly feel Li Moying’s body as it kept on trembling .

He had always been fearful, worried that this time that they would really be separated in life and death, and he would really lose her .