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Published at 29th of January 2021 02:55:26 PM

Chapter 2039
Chapter 2039: The brutal truth (1)

The lingering passionate kiss slowly died down and not much longer later, Li Moying seemed as though he had lost all energy as he loosened her and his head was buried around her neck .

Huang Yueli pushed him slightly, “Alright, we’ve already kissed so can you rest right now?”

Li Moying gave an approving whisper, “Aren’t I already reasting?”

Huang Yueli looked up into the sky, resting? Then surely he didn’t need to use her as a pillow right?”

However, Li Moying leaned on her entirely and his tall and lofty figure held her under his restraint securely .

His peach blossomed eyes shut lightly and his long and curly lashes seemed like two little fans, as it laid a faint shadow beneath his eyes .

The man’s peerlessly handsome face was so close to her, and the warm air which he blew out while breathing all sprayed against Huang Yueli’s earlobes, making her face flushed red uncontrollably . Even her ears were starting to burn .

“Hey! You… can you move over a little to sleep, you’re too heavy and you’re making my hand numb!”


In response to her was the man’s long and continuous breathing .

It merely took a flash and this man’s breathing was already stable as his four limbs were relaxed, as though he had sunk into dreamland .

Initially Huang Yueli thought that he was playing tricks and lying to her but however, when she leaned up close to observe him, she discovered that Li Moying seemed as though he had really fallen asleep and moreover, he looked especially peaceful when he slept .

In this way, Huang Yueli didn’t dare to move, as she allowed the man to press down on herself .

Li Moying’s adult body was so tall and robust so pressing down on her indeed felt very heavy . Huang Yueli originally felt that she definitely needed to stay sleepless for the entire night until dawn .

However, the truth was, not too long later, she too fell asleep .

Moreover, she had an extremely peaceful night . When she lost her memories, she had nightmares every single night and this time round, it totally didn’t appear at all .

Lying beside this man’s side, not only was she able to placate Li Moying’s rampaging soul, at the same time, Li Moying’s presence made her feel at ease and peace as she was filled with security .

By the time Huang Yueli woke up, the sky had already turned bright .

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She had a shock and abruptly sat up, following that she felt her shoulder and arms feeling totally numb .


Huang Yueli couldn’t help but moan as she recalled last night’s scenario .

She hastily turned her head back to take a look to realise that Li Moying was still lying crooked beside her, and had not been startled by her sudden movements, which made her heaved a sigh of relief .

Li Moying usually was very alert and he almost couldn’t sleep well at night, moreover he usually woke up very early in the morning .

Moments like now, sleeping so peacefully was really not common so it went to show that yesterday Dai Boqi and Liu Buyan’s treatment should be rather effective .

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She stretched out her hand and touched Li Moying’s forehead, then felt his pulse .

“Mmm, everything seems… normal? Yesterday Divine Doctor Dai said that he only has eight to ten hours of free activity time and the rest of the time, he would be sleeping… it’s best to let him sleep a while more!”

Huang Yueli laid his body straight and pulled the blanket which they had kicked off last night, covering Li Moying up tightly before she got up to wash up and prepared to head over to the front hall to take her breakfast .

However, the moment she left the room, she met Liu Buyan .

Dressed in a ninth ranked Pill Master’s white robe, he was standing in the huge garden outside the bedroom, looking afar at the fog which was floating above the lake .

Spring’s morning was chilly but he merely put on a thin piece of unlined garment .