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Published at 27th of January 2021 02:45:07 AM

Chapter 2037: 2037
Chapter 2037: The jealous Sovereign (3)

Huang Yueli hadn’t even taken a breath when the original words which were at the tip of her mouth were stuffed right back .

Oh my gawd, a jealous man was really very terrifying and it seemed as though she had said something wrong?

If it was usual, she was still able to punch him a few times to vent her anger but now Li Moying was a patient and he had just been pulled back from the brink of death so she couldn’t bear to do such a hard handed thing… . .

She could only soften her tone as she blinked her big round eyes, speaking softly, “I… since when have I despised you? I like you the most! Liu Buyan had not been nice to me at all, he even lied to me! How could I possibly pity him? Alright, why are you showing me faces? I think you’re the one who doesn’t dote on me anymore!”

Huang Yueli intentionally threw a tantrum and her soft voice was like a kitten’s little paw which clawed lightly around the tip of the man’s heart, making him feel limp all over .

However, Li Moying was still dissatisfied as he questioned coldly, “Liu Buyan lied to you? What did he lie to you about?”

“He lied about… . . ”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to answer with the truth but the words were already about to be said out but she suddenly stuffed it all back .

If Li Moying were to find out that Liu Buyan actually said that she was his fiancée, this man would probably fly into a rage! It was better not to say anything instead… . .

On seeing her hesitation, Li Moying’s gaze dimmed as he flung her hand away .

“Now you’re not even telling me the truth? Alright then go ahead and look for him, don’t bother about me! Just leave me here alone, nobody will care about me even if I don’t feel good…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her heart immediately ached, “Alright, alright, alright, I’ll accompany you, I’ll accompany you! There’s really nothing between me and Liu Buyan . I only feel that from what we saw today, his medical skills are indeed much stronger than Divine Doctor Dai and I’m afraid that your Soul Detachment Illness will still befall onto him before you can be cured completely . He seems as though he really wishes to make atonements as well so we might as well clear the clouds so that he is able to treat you properly…”

“Even if I die of sickness, I don’t need him to treat me!” Li Moying gave another cold hmph .

His aloof and magnetic voice, even though he was so frail right now, made him sound as though he was still a prideful ruler, only… . why did the things he said, made one speechless .

The corner of Huang Yueli’s lips twitched, saying that he was childish was really not maligning him!

He really thought that this was a small illness like the common cold? Saying as though he was full of himself!

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Ahhh, a jealous man was really unreasonable!

But Huang Yueli also knew that Li Moying was a patient and had always been a huge vinegar urn, so the more she spoke up for Liu Buyan, the angrier her fiancée would probably be…

Huang Yueli thought over it for a moment and continued to speak, “Alright, alright, alright, if you don’t like it then we’ll not get him to treat you! Don’t be angry, your illness has finally taken a turn for the better so you shouldn’t get angry so easily again . It’s rumoured that if one’s emotion fluctuations is too great, it will also affect the stability of one’s primordial spirit . ”

Huang Yueli raised his perfectly sculpted chin as he took an askance glance at her .

“Want me to rest? Then you’d have to stay here and accompany me!”

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Huang Yueli hurriedly put on an obedient baby look, “Of course I’ll stay and accompany you here! Relax and sleep!”

When Li Moying heard that, he immediately turned sideways as he gave up a large portion of the bed, “Then come on up, accompany me to bed!”

Huang Yueli jolted and immediately a shade of red flushed on her face, “This… isn’t very good right?”

Li Moying didn’t say anything, only using that pair of seductive peach blossomed eyes fixating his gaze onto her .

Huang Yueli sensed that she was being bewitched because after meeting that pair of eyes, she submerged within it . Whatever rejection words she had, could no longer be voiced out .