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Chapter 2033: No more chance (7)
Chapter 2033: No more chance (7)

Huang Yueli’s brows creased but didn’t say a single word .

Liu Buyan interrupted, “Young Miss Bai, you should be very clear that Li Moying’s innate talent for this lifetime is even better and with the past lifetime’s experience, his cultivation had undergone tremendous improvement which no one could surpass! Breaking through the tenth stage realm within five years’ time might not be something that’s not possible!”

When Huang Yueli heard that . She nodded and said, “If you put it in this way, it indeed sounds logical… then why are both Divine Doctors so hesitant about this?

Dai Boqi took a look at the bed-ridden Li Moying as he sighed and said, “This is the reason why we wanted to discuss with Young Miss Bai . If we adopt this treatment plan, we must first find four ninth stage realm peak practitioners to be present at the same time, furthermore, the amount of Profound Energy which will be exhausted is extremely huge, there is also a possibility that it might even cause these four top exponent’s cultivation to retract… the candidates… . . ”

Huang Yueli muttered to herself irresolutely, “This… is indeed a problem . The Four Great Guardians under Moying were originally all ninth stage realm peak top exponents and furthermore they have always been loyal to Moying, but now that we are short of one…”

Liu Buyan gave a light cough, “Young Miss Bai, no need to worry about that . The Three Guardians are all dependable people and plus myself, the number of people are just nice so there’s no need to worry about the problem of candidates, we had better think about the problem concerning the medicinal pills… . ”


Before Liu Buyan had even finished his words, Huang Yueli’s icy cold stare swept right towards him .

Her eyes were filled with doubts .

Liu Buyan’s heart constricted as the words which he was saying were stuck at the back of his throat .

Facing Huang Yueli’s distrustful gaze, it actually made him felt so terrible and this was something which he had not expected in the first place… . .

He had once thought that he would be able to bear the consequences of deceiving Huang Yueli, but it was until now, that he realised that from the moment he started to drug Huang Yueli, time could no longer flow back to the past, and everything could no longer return back… . .

Thinking of the past, Huang Yueli’s gaze towards him, although there was no admiration but it would be filled with trust and concern but at this very moment, everything was entirely replaced by resentment…

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After some time later, Liu Buyan suppressed the sour feeling in his heart as he spoke out softly, “Even if you wish to push me aside, there’s no way you can find anyone else, isn’t it? Blue Profound Sect’s people had been roving in the past years and those ninth stage realm peak Elders might not be more reliable than me! Moreover speaking, all my Master has on his mind is to take you in as a disciple so if I really do anything funny, Master will be the first who will not let me off . ”

Dai Boqi hurriedly put in a word for his disciple, “That’s right, with Yan’er around, you don’t have to worry! He had always been one who honour his words and since he has already agreed to help, then he would absolutely not regret it . Alright, now that the ninth stage realm practitioners problem has been solved, next would be two other matters… . ”

Huang Yueli was simply not assured .

After all, using Profound Energy to stabilise one’s primordial spirit, although this matter was something which she had never seen before, but she just needed to think and knew that if Profound Energy invaded one’s primordial spirit, it was an extremely dangerous matter and if they were slightly careless, both the person who carried out the technique or the one who was being given treatment would suffer a grave backlash, and they might even lose their lives!

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Whereas for Liu Buyan, he already had an antecedent of hiring Li Moying before this, so he definitely couldn’t wait for Li Moying to die!

Would he really take such a huge risk, giving his all to save Li Moying?

If he really did something, wouldn’t Li Moying become an idiot henceforth?

She creased her brows slightly as she continued asking, “Divine Doctor Dai, may I ask what you mean by this… . . ”

Dai Boqi said, “Other than the four top exponents, Sovereign Mu also needs to take oral medication, in combination with the treatment . ”