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Chapter 2034: No more chance (8)
Chapter 2034: No more chance (8)

“This kind of medication originally didn’t exist in the world anymore but luckily Yan’er had spent many years on reading multiple ancient records and in combination to his own research, he had finally ascertained a kind of prescription . But, this prescription…” Dai Boqi paused for a moment, as he looked towards Liu Buyan .

Huang Yueli questioned closely, “What issues does the prescription have?”

Liu Buyan spoke out directly, “Let me say it instead! These few years, I’ve roamed around various parts of Soaring Heavens Continent, seeking for patients who have Soul Detachment Illness and other primordial spirit symptoms, volunteering to treat their illness just to ascertain this prescription’s healing efficacy . Until now, all those patients had been treated successfully . ”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli revealed an overjoyed expression however before she started to turn happy, she heard Liu Buyan continuing .

“But among these patients, even for the most serious few, the damage on their primordial spirit can’t even be compared to one tenth of Li Moying’s . So just how effective is this prescription towards his Soul Detachment Illness, from the current looks of now, is still unknown . ”

Huang Yueli went silent upon hearing that, “I understand, any other issues?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head and said, “There is something else . In order to strengthen the healing efficacy of the prescription, I’ve recently made some improvements to it, adding a few more crucial medicinal herbs . But these medicinal herbs are extremely rare and I’ve tried to collect it via various means but still not able to get two kinds at all…”

Huang Yueli frowned, “Which two kinds of medicinal herbs? As the Number One Scared Land, Blue Profound Sect’s warehouse has plenty of treasures, so perhaps they might have collected some . ”

Liu Buyan shook his head, “The last time I was here, I’ve already asked Guardian Jun in private and Blue Profound Sect doesn’t have any in their warehouse . These two medicinal herbs, one is Bipolar Black Orchid’s petals while the other is the Purified Branch . ”

Huang Yueli revealed an astonished look, “It’s actually… . such rare medicinal herbs . ”

Bipolar Black Orchid only grow in a land where ice and fire met with each other hence only in the cave of a dark volcano in the Northern Ice Fields did it grow and it was extremely scarce .

Purified Branch was the branch from the Bodhi Tree and in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, there was only one Bodhi Tree and that year when it was discovered, it was snatched by everyone in a frenzy and whatever which could be chopped off was chopped . It was just left with a piece of rotten wood and in the next ten thousand years or so, it was impossible to bud at all .

Hence in order to obtain the Purified Branch, there were only those few which were still around and those had been collected by various large powerhouses as all of it were priceless items .

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When Huang Yueli heard that these medicinal herbs were required, she couldn’t help but worry as she delved into deep thoughts .

“These two medicinal herbs are very hard to obtain, we will probably really need to consider at length… . . ”

Liu Buyan replied, “But our luck isn’t too bad . Before I came to Levitation Sword Palace, I heard that this year’s Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild will be starting their annual auction soon . Among the items which will be auctioned this time, the most valuable among it all is a Purified Branch . I heard that it was collected by the deceased ninth stage realm peak exponent Tang Zonghan and his son had brought it out for auction . ”

“Although this Purified Branch is a little small, but using it to refine into a pill should be enough…”

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Before Liu Buyan had finished his words, Huang Yueli’s eyes shone, “As long as someone is selling it, that’d be great! What we’re afraid of is that no one is willing to sell it! Since someone intends to let it go, we can just bid for it at the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild tomorrow!”

Once a treasure like the Purified Branch appears, various large powerhouses would usually tussle with one another .

But Huang Yueli totally disregarded them .

If it was in terms of fortune, the Number One Sacred Land wasn’t any vegetarian . Moreover, in her past life, Huang Yueli had been the richest person in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and she had deposited a vast amount of money over with Mu Chengying back then .