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Chapter 2032: No more chance (6)
Chapter 2032: No more chance (6)

His entire body was full of pointy, thin gold needles and even his forehead had a few needles on it .

But his expression looked much better than before, not that pale and there was even a faint hint of blood shade on his lips as his breathing seemed more stable as well .

Huang Yueli instantly heaved a sigh of relief .

Earlier hearing Liu Buyan’s words, she thought that Li Moying was a goner for sure! Now from the looks of it, his condition wasn’t as bad as what she had imagined… . .

The highly taut string in her heart loosened and she immediately felt her feet turning soft, almost falling flat on the ground on her buttocks .

Liu Buyan acted swiftly as he supported her from the back on the right .

Huang Yueli steadied herself and she immediately evaded his hand . Not even turning back her head, she directly sat next to Li Moying .

Liu Buyan’s gaze dimmed as he watched her intently without saying a single word .

Huang Yueli nervously checked on Li Moying’s condition and instantly turned her head towards Dai Boqi, “Divine Doctor Dai, how is Moying’s condition? What is the treatment plan that Divine Doctor Liu had mentioned?”

Dai Boqi originally looked puzzledly at Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan and upon hearing her words, he hurriedly said, “Yan’er and I have used gold needles on his acupoints to gain control of Sovereign Mu’s primordial spirit and also fed him some nerve calming medication . Sovereign Mu’s condition is temporarily under control . ”

Huang Yueli hurriedly replied, “Many thanks Divine Doctor Dai!”

Dai Boqi shook her head, “Don’t be glad so soon, Sovereign Mu has only managed to preserve his life but his primordial spirit is still very frail . After he wakes up, he will only be able to remain conscious for at most six to eight hours, and he must avoid crossing hands with anyone else . The minute he utilises Profound Energy, his condition will definitely work up again… this is not a long term plan!”

Huang Yueli frowned, as she looked worriedly at the man on the bed .

Her own man, she knew him the best .

To Li Moying, if he was not able to use any Profound Energy in future, this would upset him more than killing him! A peerless genius like him, an overbearingly strong top exponent for two lifetimes, he had long been accustomed to standing on the top, unsurpassable so how would he possibly bind himself up, not crossing hands with anyone else?

This… probably Li Moying would absolutely not be able to accept it .

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Huang Yueli asked softly, “Divine Doctor Dai, could it be that, there’s no way to cure Moying’s illness at all?”

Dai Boqi sighed, “Although This old man is most apt at treating primordial injuries, but it is this old man’s first time seeing such a serious condition like Sovereign Mu’s! To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for the fact that Yan’er had made many preparations, Sovereign Mu would probably have lost his life today!”

Huang Yueli went silent from hearing that and after a while later, she still didn’t say a word .

Perhaps, she really should thank Liu Buyan for saving Li Moying’s life, but she totally couldn’t make herself open her mouth .

When Dai Boqi saw the both of them not saying a single word, even though he was puzzled, he continued speaking .

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“To treat the root cause… I’ve discussed with Yan’er on this earlier . It’s not that there’s totally no way, but…”

“But what?” Huang Yueli asked relentlessly .

Dai Boqi spoke out slowly, “Actually this isn’t considered as the cure for the root cause but merely for him to keep taking oral medication . At the same time, we will gather a few ninth ranked peak practitioners to inject their Profound Energies into Sovereign Mu’s meridians, forcibly helping him stabilise his primordial spirit . If this succeeds, within the next three to five years time, Sovereign Mu’s Soul Detachment Illness will not act up… . . ”

“Then how about five years later?” Huang Yueli asked while in deep thoughts .

“Five years later, if Sovereign Mu manages to advance to the tenth stage realm successfully, perhaps, his Soul Detachment Illness would be cured without any need to take medication . ”