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Chapter 2031: 2031
Chapter 2031: No more chance (5)

“If we can’t cure him, wouldn’t it damage our Divine Doctor’s reputation?”

Liu Buyan immediately responded and walked over .

Huang Yueli bit her lips but didn’t head up to stop him, instead she walked out slowly from the bedroom .

Outside the bedroom, the Three Guardians stood up straight as they bowed to her .

“Grandmaster Huang, you’re finally back! The Sovereign is extremely worried and he also refuses to let Divine Doctor Liu treat him, This Subordinate thought… . thought…sighi! Luckily you came back in time, otherwise the consequences would be dire!”

“That’s right, Grandmaster Huang, where have you been? Have you been locked up by Liu Buyan?”

Huang Yueli gave a soft sigh, “It’s hard to explain… . Later when there’s a chance then we’ll talk about it . What I want to know is that when I’m not around, what happened in Levitation Sword Palace? Why did Moying suddenly turn out like this?”

Cang Po Jun cupped his hands, “After Sovereign was heavily injured by Divine Doctor Liu, his symptoms worsened and because you went missing, he was struck with a deep blow and his body condition just worsened in a second… Later on, seven days ago, Divine Doctor Liu suddenly came over to Levitation Sword Palace, requesting for Sovereign to vow never to get in contact with you, as the condition for him to treat Sovereign . ”

Huang Yueli frowned, “Seven days ago… so he suddenly disappeared, was really because he came to save Moying… but this kind of condition, how would Moying possibly agree to it?”

Cang Po Jun didn’t really understood what she said but responded anyway, “Yes, Sovereign adamantly refused so Divine Doctor Liu raised a seven day deadline, saying that if seven days have passed, even for him, would be impossible to save Sovereign… today, is the last day of the seven days deadline…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately became terrified as she shockingly felt that her back was already drenched in cold sweat entirely!

Luckily, she was able to recover her memories in time, and managed to arrive timely… . .

If… she missed today… then there would really be no reversing of time!

The few of them waited at the entrance of the bedroom door .

Initially the few Guardians were still very anxious, worried if Li Moying would start quarrelling with Liu Buyan .

However, after a long time, the bedroom was still silent without any sound and the crowd then let their hearts down .

A moment later, the bedroom door was suddenly opened .

Huang Yueli immediately rushed over, “Divine Doctor Dai! Moying he… what happened to him? Ah… it’s you!”

She rushed over very quickly and almost went into a head on collision with the person standing at the door .

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Huang Yueli immediately stopped her footsteps and on raising her head, she met with Liu Buyan’s face .

She took a flustered step back and her expression slowly turned gloomy .

Liu Buyan fixed a complicated look on the young lady’s face which had instantly lost its glow, as a piercing pain flashed past his heart .

“Young Miss Bai, please come in! My Master and I have already ascertained the treatment plan, and would like to discuss with you . ”

When Huang Yueli heard this, her heart thumped hard .

She had assumed that Liu Buyan opening the door meant that Li Moying’s illness was already under control but in the end, she actually heard him saying this .

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This sentence made one scared witless, somehow feeling that something major was about to happen .

Hence she couldn’t even be bothered about getting angry with Liu Buyan as she asked anxiously, “What’s going on? Moying he… . has something happened to him again?”

Liu Buyan said, “Come on in first . ”

Huang Yueli immediately rushed into the bedroom as she took quick steps and flew towards Li Moying’s bedside .

The man on the bed was lying there peacefully .