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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:09 PM

Chapter 2026: 2026
Chapter 2026: Huang Yueli returns (5)

But when he saw the appearance of the young lady in front of his eyes, a huge wave of joyous shock overwhelmed him entirely .

Li Moying didn’t dare to move as he allowed Huang Yueli to press down on him entirely, not even batting an eyelid .

He was really afraid, afraid that this was just a dream and would only need a blink of an eye before the image in front of him disappeared . The young lass whom he had been thinking about constantly would henceforth disappear .

Huang Yueli’s body kept on shaking as she buried her head inside Li Moying’s arms, hugging him around the waist tightly and it was until she felt the man’s warmth underneath her before she sensed a little bit of actuality .

Heaven knew that while she was on the way here on the flying ship, just how scared and anxious she was .

She simply could not imagine that if she was hurrying on her way to Blue Profound Sect and all she saw was Li Moying’s icy cold corpse, what should she do? Just based on the scenario, it was already enough to make her die of heartache!

Luckily, she managed to reach in time!

Cang Po Jun and the others were all stunned and by the time they regained their senses, the trio showed an overjoyed expression on their faces!

No one had expected that Huang Yueli would actually return at such a timely crucial moment!

Cang Po Jun hurriedly coughed, “Cough cough, Grandmaster Huang, you’re pressing onto Sovereign’s chest and his internal injury is very serious, this…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately realised that as she hurriedly tried to get off Li Moying .

However, Li Moying clasped on to her waist tightly, as he kissed her fiercely on her pink lips .

Huang Yueli was worried about his injuries and didn’t dare to move around so she obediently allowed him to kiss her .

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It was an icy cold kiss as there was practically no warmth on Li Moying’s lips at all .

Furthermore, he had merely kissed for a few moments when his breathing grew weaker and weaker and his head skewed sideways, the grip on his hand loosening as he lost consciousness once again .

Huang Yueli was so terrified that she jumped up, “Moying, Moying! You you you… don’t you scare me! Quickly wake up!”

Huang Yueli blinked her sparkly eyes and her eyes were totally wet .

She had been terrified on the entire journey here and until this moment when she finally saw Li Moying in person, she discovered that he was so frail so she finally could not endure it any longer as she almost cried out .

She grabbed onto Li Moying’s lapel, trying to shake him up .

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Cang Po Jun’s eyes and movements were swift as he hurriedly up to stop her, “Grandmaster Huang, you… don’t be overly anxious, Sovereign should not be moved about casually! It’s better… better to seek Divine Doctor Liu to impose treatment for Sovereign!”

Huang Yueil then suddenly regained her senses as she started to get a little frustrated at the same time .

She had forgotten about the most important thing and delayed Li Moying’s condition!

She had always been a rational person and no matter what kind of danger she had met with, she was always able to think through it in a calm and collected manner to find the best method to resolve it . But facing Li Moying, she found it hard to calm down…

Huang Yueli turned around and met with Liu Buyan’s gaze .

Looking at Liu Buyan’s silent countenance, a gust of fury shot right up her head .

“LIU BU YAN! You… you actually made me take this kind of medication, using such underhanded methods to deceive me! You… I really thought of you wrongly! If something untoward happens to Moying, I will absolutely not let you off!”

She was shaking as she said that, her eyes fixed on Liu Buyan .

Although she had never loved Liu Buyan, but she had always treated him as a friend who could be trusted .

But this time round, Liu Buyan used such a vile method to scheme against her .

Causing Li Moying’s life to be hanging by a thread…