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Published at 26th of January 2021 06:08:16 AM

Chapter 2027: No more chance (1)
Chapter 2027: No more chance (1)

Liu Buyan watched attentively at her gaze which was consumed with fury and hatred and his heart suddenly felt a piercing pain as he couldn’t help but retreated backwards, all the way until his back bumped into the cabinet before he finally stopped .

This was the first time that Huang Yueli fixed such an icy cold gaze onto himself .

There was once, when he assumed that he was able to accept everything that would happen, Huang Yueli’s hatred towards him .

But when it really happened, he then realised that he himself, really… . wasn’t able to take it .

At this very moment, his heart was filled with unspeakable agony .

From the moment he laid his hand on her, he knew that what he had obtained was a façade and everything would be lost sooner or later but he had totally not expected that this day would descend faster than he had expected!

“Ruo… Ruoli, how did you… suddenly… . recover your memories?” He asked in a soft voice .

Liu Buyan self assumed that he had already made Huang Yueli drink so much medicinal soup for so many consecutive days and the medicinal effects had basically stabilized so even after he left, even if Huang Yueli didn’t take the medication on time, she wouldn’t resume her memories so quickly .

Unless… . She took the antidote?

But that kind of poison which he laid on Huang Yueli, was something which ordinary Pill Masters weren’t able to cure, because it was their master’s Fomalhaut’s esoteric lore…

However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t answer his question, only sneering, “Why? Very surprised? From the moment that you did such a thing, you should already know that the truth would be exposed one fine day! What are you still doing here for? While I can still top myself from stabbing you to death, scram!”

To tell the truth, looking at Li Moying’s current state, Huang Yueli really felt like stabbing Liu Buyan to death directly!

She had never seen Li Moying in such a frail state before .

Even if it was in their past life when they went through experience learning, she would somehow had a feeling that this man whom she liked would not fall easily and he would be able to overcome all the difficulties .

Only this time round… . . when she felt Li Moying’s icy cold lips, her inner heart’s terror instantly rose .

If she was slightly later, just slightly later… .

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Li Moying would have really died!

Just thinking about this point alone, how was she able to maintain her composure .

Luckily, she still had a little bit of rationality left and knowing that the current situation was pressing, the current issue was to help Li Moying treat his illness and not to teach Liu Buyan a lesson . Otherwise she might not be able to restrain herself from the urge to kill someone!

When Cang Po Jun heard Huang Yueli chasing Liu Buyan away, his expression changed and he quickly leaned close, “Grandmaster Huang, please don’t be rash . Now is not the time to chase Divine Doctor Liu away, Sovereign’s illness still requires him…”

Hearing Cang Po Jun’s words, Liu Buyan’s deadly still eyes suddenly lit up with a glow .

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“Ruoli, you… don’t chase me away! I can… can… treat Li Moying’s illness!”

The last few words were practically squeezed out from the slit of his teeth .

For him to really say such words, it was simply too arduous .

He had planned for such a long time and every single day, he seemed to be walking on the tip of the words, suffering the pain from his inner heart but until the very end, he didn’t gain anything at all .

No, it wasn’t that he didn’t gain anything at all . All he had obtained was people rebelling against him while his friends all deserted him… . .

He only obtained the hatred gaze from the woman whom he liked, and the begrudging gaze which came from his brother whom he had once risked life and death with .

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but turn chilly as he seemed as though he couldn’t suffer such a blow . But he still coerced himself to stabilise his body as he slowly walked towards Huang Yueli’s side and spoke out softly, “I’m very sorry, let me… . . atone for my crime!”