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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:21 PM

Chapter 2025
Chapter 2025: Huang Yueli returns (4)

This man was so proud and until this step, he couldn’t even be bothered to act a little .

Liu Buyan saw Li Moying’s pale handsome face and that extremely familiar black eyes as he couldn’t say out the feelings he had in his heart .

Li Moying’s Profound Energy fluctuations in his body started to become jumbled up again .

The Three Guardians noticed this and their expression changed abruptly, as they all knelt down in unison .

“Sovereign, you… don’t be overly anxious… . Your condition is important…”

“Sovereign, as long as the mountain in green, there will still be firewood and there is still hope in life so why must you do this? Just let Divine Doctor Liu treat you!”

“Sovereign, there are thousands of disciples in Blue Profound Sect who rely on you, you must take good care!”

Cang Po Jun and the others were extremely anxious as all of them spoke out with sincerity, making one emotionally moved .

However, Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t heard what they said as his gaze was fixed onto Liu Buyan, “Wh… Where is Li’er? Ret… Return her to me! She’s…mine!”

Liu Buyan’s hands were clenched tightly as he took a deep breath and struck out a fist towards Li Moying .

“Divine Doctor Liu! Quickly stop!”

“Sovereign, please be careful!”

The crowd shouted and shrieked as Li Moying’s fist wind missed, just brushing past Li Moying’s ear as it landed heavily on the bedhead .

The chinaware on the drawer next to the bed was affected by the strong Profound Energy and started to fall down as it splattered onto the ground into bits .

Li Moying’s face was turning paler by the second and a trickle of blood started to seep out from the corner of his lips, apparently his injury had worsened .

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But his gaze remained cold and resolute, without any trace of wavering .

Liu Buyan clenched his teeth so hard that he tasted blood, “You really… . really don’t want to live any longer, is that so? Acting in such a sincere and passionate way, who are you acting to show? You really wish to die for Bai Ruoli! Then how about Huang Yueli? Do you still remember that peerless and glamourous Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Lord?”

Li Moying didn’t say a word .

But the Three Great Guardians beside him, all flushed a stiff expression .

Cang Po Hun blinked as though he seemed to have understood something as he spoke out, “Divine Doctor Liu, have you misunderstood something? Grandmaster Huang she…”

“Shut up!” Li Moying barked sharply interrupting him but immediately following that, he started to cough furiously as he couldn’t catch his breath .

Liu Buyan seemed to have sensed something as he turned his head around to look at Cang Po Hun and asked relentlessly, “You mentioned Grandmaster Huang? What happened to Huang Yueli?”

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Cang Po Hun was swept by a frigid cold glance from Li Moying as the words which were at his throat were stuffed right back .

“Quickly speak, as long as you speak, I will treat your Sovereign’s illness!” Liu Buyan sensed that this matter was extremely important as he didn’t hesitate to cast out the most important chip .

Cang Po Hun clenched his teeth hard, and momentarily, he didn’t know what to choose .

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu exchanged glances as they were also softened up .

Just at this moment, a fluster of shuffling footsteps was heard coming from the corridor .

Li Moying’s brows creased and was just about to flare up when his room door was pushed open with a loud “bang” .

“Moying, Moying! How are you now! What exactly are you now!”

A young lady’s crisp voice rang, with hints of crying tone as though she was about to choke .

Everyone present had their eyes opened wide as they didn’t dared to believe what they heard .

A slender and dainty figure pounced towards Li Moying’s bedside ferociously and without saying anything, she hugged him tightly .

“Li… Li’er?”

Li Moying was originally frail and after being crushed on the chest by her in such a hard impact, he almost threw up blood once again .