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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:25 PM

Chapter 2024
Chapter 2024: Huang Yueli returns (3)

His words had just ended when he heard a violent spur of coughing coming from the bedroom, followed by Li Moying’s hoarse and weak voice .

“It’s you… you… scram… get out! Don’t even think… . think that I will agree…”

The Three Guardians exchanged glances at one another as their expressions changed abruptly!

Cang Po Yu asked in shock, “Haven’t you arranged everything already? Why did Sovereign suddenly awaken? This time round… what shall we do?”

Cang Po Hun’s eyes were wide open as he was dumbstruck, “How could this be? I obviously… . saw Sovereign fell asleep earlier!”

As Li Moying just refused to relent, the few Guardians had no choice but to risk being chopped into pieces as they thought of a plan to cheat under cover of a diversion .

As Cang Po Hun and Cang Po Jun tried ways and means to knock Li Moying unconscious with a drug, then made Cang Po Yu go get Liu Buyan over, saying that Li Moying had already promised Liu Buyan’s conditions .

In this way, under the circumstances that both parties were unable to confront each other, if Liu Buyan had any single ounce of conscience left, he might just be hooked and will administer treatment for Li Moying .

In the end, whoever knew that Liu Buyan was indeed deceived but Li Moying suddenly woke up!

In this case, weren’t things going to be exposed right on the spot?

Moreover, today was the last of the seven days and if Liu Buyan just left in anger like that, then wouldn’t Li Moying have lost his last hope of treatment? Could they watch Li Moying die with their eyes wide open?

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Cang Po Jun didn’t dare to think so much as he said, “Saying all these are useless now, let’s go in and take a look quickly!”

The Three Guardians entered the bedroom hastily and saw Li Moying half leaning against the bedhead, as his face was as white as sheet with traces of blood on the edges of his lips . His long lashes left a dark shadow below his eyes, making him look terribly frail .

But when he opened his eyes, the frigid cold and deep eerier gaze was no different from in the past .

Li Moying’s vision swept past the Three Guardians and that stern vision made Cang Po Jun and the others shivered with coldness in their hearts . All of them realised that at the first instance, their plan had been seen through by their Sovereign!

Even though they knew that this matter would be exposed sooner or later, but on thinking that Li Moying was on the brink of death but still had such unwavering determination and such clear minded senses, it simply made their hearts filled with terror .

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Cang Po Jun braced himself as he headed upwards to advice, “Sov… Sovereign, since… Divine Doctor Liu is already here, you might… might as well let him have a look…”

Li Moying didn’t bother looking at him as he shifted his gaze towards Liu Buyan while opening his mouth to ask, “… Where is Li’er?”

Liu Buyan’s right hand clenched tightly as the gold needles at the tip of his fingers poked right into his palm but he totally did not detect anything .

“You just… just like her so much? Even though you’re about to die, you still refused to budge?”

Actually, Liu Buyan had long known that Cang Po Yu was lying to him .

But it was until Li Moying’s last deadline to his death when he suddenly recalled the times when he risked life and death with the then Mu Chengying .

There was once, when they were brothers who left their lives in each other’s hands…

But not knowing since when, had they started to take a step towards today’s situation… . .

Liu Buyan knew that, no matter if Li Moying was alive or dead, he was destined to carry the regrets for his entire life… . .

In the end, he still came because he assumed that he would see the unconscious Li Moying and in this way, it would be considered as he had a stage to step down on . In future he could say that he was being deceived by Cang Po Yu but standing on the point of morality, he could coerce Li Moying to give up .

Whoever knew that, Li Moying had to awaken at such a time…