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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:29 PM

Chapter 2023
Chapter 2023: Huang Yueli returns (2)

He had already waited at the Alchemist Guild for seven days and he originally thought that under the pressure of his life hanging by a thin thread, Li Moying would definitely not be able to take the pressure and had no choice but to admit defeat to him .

But the truth was, he waited day after day but Li Moying didn’t appear eventually, neither did he send anyone from Blue Profound Sect over to look for him .

Initially, Li Moying was still thinking that if Li Moying headed over to beg him, he was thinking of different ways to make things difficult for him and to coerce him to make a vow that he would never ever harass Huang Yueli forever .

But as time pushed forward, his heart started to wrench more and more, and he couldn’t be bothered about anything else . Instead, he began to become more worried about Li Moying’s condition…

He knew about Li Moying’s strong character and that he would absolutely not bow his head to anyone easily but he was already on his deathbed so would he really refuse to bow down? If he really died because of this…

Liu Buyan couldn’t sit still and was considering if he should head over personally to Blue Profound Sect to take a look, but then again, he was unable to pull his face down .

Just as this moment, hearing that someone from Blue Profound Sect seeking to meet him, he assumed that Li Moying had finally admitted defeat! In the end, it was only Cang Po Yu who came over…

This man… did he really cared so much about that young lass, refusing to let go even till his death? Then where did he place the past-life Huang Yueli in his heart?

“Not meeting! Ask Guardian Yu to return!” Liu Buyan grinded his teeth as he squeezed these few words out .

“But… . but… . ” The attendant was hemming and hawing outside the door .

Before he could finish his words, the door was pushed open and Cang Po Yu walked in with a few big strides, as he cupped his fists in greeting towards Liu Buyan .

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“Divine Doctor Liu, I’m really sorry for intruding abruptly but you should know that our Sovereign is already… . is already on the brink of death and this cannot be delayed further! I beseech you to make a trip to Blue Profound Sect and no matter what kind of compensation you require, Our Sect will try our utmost best to utilise all that we have, to attain all your requests!”

Liu Buyan gave a cold humph as he swept a glance at him, “Why? Did Li Moying send you here?”

Cang Po Yu’s gaze sparkled for a moment but the expression on his face remained unchanged, “Yes!”

Liu Buyan’s brows rose as he asked, “In this case, my condition… . Has your Sovereign agreed to it?”

Cang Po Yu’s heart jolted!

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Liu Buyan’s condition was for Li Moying to give up on Huang Yueli, and also to promise that he would never get in contact with Huang Yueli . This kind of condition was something that their Sovereign would rather die than to agree to it .

But Cang Po Yu came today was originally done without Li Moying’s knowledge as he had already set his mind to risk any costs to deceive Liu Buyan back to treat the Sovereign… . .

Cang Po Yu silently clenched his teeth, “… That’s right! Everything shall be according to Divine Doctor Liu’s wishes!”

When he said that, the back of his shirt was already drenched in cold sweat . Heaven knew that if Li Moying found out that he had said such words to Liu Buyan, how would he be dealt with?

But now, there was no other way!

Liu Buyan heard his words as he kept silent without saying a single word, as though considering the truth of his words .

After some time, he suddenly stood up, “On account of the past relationship that I had with your Sovereign, as long as he promises my condition, I will naturally not leave him to die so I’ll make this trip with you!”

Cang Po Yu was overjoyed as he hurriedly said, “Many thanks Divine Doctor Dai!”

Cang Po Yu led Liu Buyan as they hurried back to Levitation Sword Palace .

Liu Buyan entered Li Moying’s bedroom and Cang Po Yu turned back to take a look at Cang Po Jun as he whispered, “How is it? Has everything been arranged properly?”

Cang Po Jun took a look at the bedroom, “Should…”