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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:34 PM

Chapter 2022
Chapter 2022: Huang Yueli returns (1)

After Dai Boqi agreed to go to Blue Profound Sect, the following matters started to become easy to deal with .

Divine Doctor Dai couldn’t bear for his disciple to suffer so he could only prepare a flying ship personally, as he led Huang Yueli on the journey .

When Huang Yueli saw that magnificent and luxurious flying ship, her eyeballs nearly dropped out .

Dai Boqi delightfully introduced, “What’s the matter? Disciple? Have you seen the crest on the deck of the flying ship? This is one of the best works of the Number One Armament Master back then and only someone with a status like this old man can get this . This flying ship is much faster than ordinary flying ships by several times and just in one day’s time, we will be able to arrive at Sky Emperor City!”

Huang Yueli wiped off the sweat on her forehead as she immediately fawned on him, “Indeed Divine Doctor Dai, able to get such incredible treasure into your hands! My respect for you is just like unceasing torrents in the Yellow River…”

The flying ship which she had created, of course the speed was extraordinary .

Looking at this flying ship, her heart eased by a large half .

Dai Boqi turned his head and swept a look at her, “Know how incredible This Master is, still not going to kowtow to acknowledge This Master? How long have you already dragged out for?”

Dai Boqi was really afraid that the disciple that he had gotten would run away, and in every few sentences, he would always remind Huang Yueli to acknowledge him as Master .

However, Huang Yueli’s answer every single time was always the same, “After Divine Doctor Dai has saved Sovereign Mu and released the restrain on my meridians, then I’ll immediately acknowledge you formally…”

She alleged that he must be saved before acknowledging him as Master .

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Dai Boqi was treated with threats and promises and also started to burn with anxiety as he urged his servants to raise the speed of the flying ship to the maximum as they drove towards Blue Profound Sect’s direction .

The current atmosphere in Levitation Sword Palace was so quiet that it was frightening .

Cang Po Hun stood outside Li Moying’s bedroom entrance as he suppressed his voice, “Big Brother, now Sovereign’s exact situation… . . ”

Cang Po Jun’s expression was extremely gloomy as he clenched his teeth tightly and after some time, he finally spoke out hoarsely, “Sovereign had been unconscious since yesterday afternoon until earlier, and when he woke up, he spatted out several mouthful of blood and wasn’t even able to take any medication, only kept asking me relentless if we had already found Grandmaster Huang…”

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Cang Po Hun’s eyes turned red as he asked anxiously, “Sovereign doesn’t even care about his own life, only remembering Grandmaster Huang! What should we do, earlier the last deadline which Divine Doctor Liu gave, was just seven days! Sovereign still doesn’t allow us to go look for Divine Doctor Liu! Big Brother, can’t you just deceive Sovereign, saying that… Grandmaster Huang has already been found?”

Cang Po Jun swept a glance at him, “Did you really think that I have never considered that? But is Sovereign someone so easily deceived? If he doesn’t see her with his own eyes, do you think he will believe in my words?”

“This… what should we do? Don’t tell me that we can only watch Sovereign… . . ” Cang Po Hun’s voice quivered, “Liu Buyan is really not a thing! In the past I always thought that he was a good person, even if he severed ties with Sovereign, I even sympathised with him, but this time round… if he dares to appear in Blue Profound Sect again, I will definitely cut him up into a thousand pieces!”

Cang Po Jun’s glare deepened, “This sentence of yours, you’d better leave it inside your tummy for now, I’ve already asked Po Yu to head to the Alchemist Guild to look for Divine Doctor Liu, hope that he is able to convince him to come treat Sovereign…”

Soaring Heavens Continent’s Alchemist branch Guild .

“Divine Doctor Liu, someone is here from Blue Profound Sect, asking to meet you . ”

Hearing the attendant reporting this, Liu Buyan’s tensed body finally jerked, “Who’s that who has come?”

“He’s… . Levitation Sword Palace’s Guardian Yu . ”

Liu Buyan frowned, “Why? He’s the only one who came?”


Hearing that, Liu Buyan clenched his fist tightly .