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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:55 PM

Chapter 2017
Chapter 2017: In the depth of her memories (2)

The current Huang Yueli, could hear Dai Boqi’s voice instinctively .

But her head was throbbing badly as though it was about to split open, totally unable to hear clearly what Dai Boqi was trying to say .

Not only that, her body seemed as though it was restrained tightly by layers of iron chains as she totally had no energy at all . No matter how she tried, she was totally immovable .

The throbbing pain in her head kept on increasing and by the side of her ears appeared a buzzing tinnitus sound, almost forcing her to the verge of insanity .

But in the end, everything turned silent .

Not knowing how long later, in the darkness, a glimmer of light seemed to have appeared .

In the light, a tall man with a straight figure seemed to appear faintly .

On seeing that once familiar figure, Huang Yueli instantly forgot the pain on her as she cried out in shock, “Wait! Don’t leave! Who are you exactly?”

The man seemed as though he didn’t hear her as he suddenly turned around and back facing her, he kept walking forward .

Huang Yueli was so anxious that she wanted to chase up to him but her body was erect but she discovered that she still wasn’t able to move at all .

“Don’t go! Can you don’t go!” She started screeching in an angry and anxious manner .

The man didn’t turn his head back but the glows surrounding him seemed to become a little brighter, as though he was standing in a shining clean moonlight .

Because of that, the scenery around him also started to surface in front of Huang Yueli’s eyes .

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The man’s position was in a majestic and luxurious palace, a grand scaled building as it was constructed on a towering mountain top, overlooking below looking incomparable awe-inspiring .

As for the specialty of this palace, in the sky above the palace levitated numerous ancient swords and the sword tips were facing upwards towards the sky, arranged in a formation…

“Levitation Sword Palace!” Huang Yueli’s words popped out, sensing that something had just flashed past her mind, but immediately disappearing into thin air…

In the Levitation Sword Palace’s centre, was a huge altar .

The man followed along the long stairs as he walked towards the altar in a neither swift nor slow manner, but his footsteps were firm and unwavering .

When he reached the last flight of stairs, a shuffle of disorderly footsteps was suddenly heard .

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A few familiar figures appeared below the altar .

One of them, happened to turn his head in a lateral view which made Huang Yueli cry out in shock, “Brother Liu? What is Brother Liu doing here?? This man… what is he trying to do??”

She really wanted to rush upwards, to pull Liu Buyan and asked but however no matter how she activated her Profound Energy, it was all wasted effort…

At this moment, Liu Buyan had already charged towards the man standing on top of the stairs as he ran while shouting, “Stop! Mu Chengying, you can’t do this! You’ve really gone mad!”

But the man’s footsteps merely took a short pause and moments later, he continued surging forward as he stood in the middle of the alter .

“You all… . return back!” He growled lowly .

Mellow and magnetic voice, in the dark night, seemed especially melancholic which made Huang Yueli’s heart quivered ever so slightly .

“Come down and leave together with us! This matter has already ended so even if you gave up your life for this, it will do nothing at all! Did you hear me?? Mu…” Liu Buyan shouted out loudly .

However, when his words were only half spoken, the man’s right hand suddenly lifted upwards .

Just a slight movement like that and it caused a wild surge of Profound Energy rush, instantly exploding towards the surroundings!

The few people on the stage were impacted by this gust of Profound Energy as everyone was blown away directly, rolling down the stage .

“Ughhh…” Liu Buyan gave a dull moan as he flew out .

Whereas at this very moment, the man standing in the middle of the altar, stretched out his hand and slowly unsheathed an ancient sword which he grabbed on tightly in his hands!