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Chapter 2016: In the depth of her memories (1)
Chapter 2016: In the depth of her memories (1)

Huang Yueli was using the stick approach first, followed by the carrot .

Speaking of this, this old grandpa was really good to her . Seeing that Dai Boqi was really going to get upset, she hurriedly flattered him to placate him a little .

Dai Boqi stared at her as he really wanted to leave in high cold fashion .

Anyway there were so many people who wanted to acknowledge him as Master, so him taking in a disciple was totally a breeze!


Dai Boqi hesitated for quite some time before he opened his mouth, “Since that’s the case, then this old man will first try to cure the poison on you . But this old man will put the ugly words upfront first, if something untoward happens to you, then is because you were insistent on finding the antidote, and not because this old man’s medical skills aren’t outstanding…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she couldn’t help but “Pfff” and burst out laughing .

She had not expected this old man to be rather tsundere!

They said that Pill Masters all valued their reputations very much and from the looks of it, it seemed that this saying is totally not false!

Dai Boqi saw her laughing and his face instantly turned black as he started to doubt if his own decision was accurate or not .

Taking a genius disciple was a good thing but if this young lass was really taken under his wing, would this old man be angered to his deathbed by her?

Huang Yueli hurriedly added, “Divine Doctor Dai, will an elderly man like you don’t joke with me! Your medical skills are so brilliant, how is it possible that you aren’t able to cure me? Absolutely no problem at all! I totally trust your medical skills to the very end, so don’t worry and treat me with ease!”

She mended the pen after the sheep were lost as she delivered a huge load of fawning before she finally managed to placate Dai Boqi .

Dai Boqi gave a cold harrumph as he said, “Consider that you know how to talk! Your illness, this old man still has to research it throughout the night so just follow the female attendant back to the room to have a rest . ”

Huang Yueli had achieved her aim and her face immediately revealed a joyous look, “Thank you Divine Doctor Dai!”

Dai Boqi was really anxious to take in this disciple hence his action was extremely swift .

The second day morning, Huang Yueli was invited to Dai Boqi’s pill refining room .

“This old man had flipped through various medical encyclopaedias regarding your symptoms and I really can’t tell what’s the underlying hidden problems behind this and I also don’t understand why there’s no way to cure it . Since that’s the case, I can only treat a dead horse like a living horse, to first let you take the common antidote pill . ”

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Dai Boqi was saying that as he retrieved a pill carefully from an exquisite jade box, as he handed it over to Huang Yueli .

“As the poisonous nature is unknown, whatever reaction you have after taking the pill is non calculable so we can only proceed with caution . First take half a pill and after this old man has observed… Hey! What are you doing??”

Dai Boqi was still nagging and instructing when Huang Yueli had already took the pill and without any hesitation, she popped the entire pill into her mouth while picking up the teacup on the table to her lips, as she lifted her head and swallowed the whole pill in one mouthful .

Dai Boqi had a great shock and stretched out his hand as he wanted to try and stop her .

But it was all too late .

Dai Boqi’s face turned steely green as he boomed angrily, “You… how could you be this hasty? Haven’t I just told you that we must proceed with caution? Now you just swallowed the entire pill like this, if there’s any reaction, it will be too late to save you!”

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Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile, “Divine Doctor Dai, don’t worry, I know… the situation… well…”

She originally wanted to comfort Dai Boqi but whoever knew that she had just spoken halfway when suddenly, an intense wave of dizziness attacked her mind .

Huang Yueli’s eyes turned black as her body suddenly went askew and she fell towards her right side onto the ground .

Dai Boqi’s expression changed abruptly as he stood up immediately and stretched out his hand to touch her forehead .

“Disciple, how are you? Men, men come over quickly!”