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Chapter 2018
Chapter 2018: In the depth of her memories (3)

Following the man’s actions, the thousands of longsword above Levitation Sword Palace’s upper skies all started vibrating .

The sword qi gushed upwards into the sky as the sound reverberated through the clouds!

Not only so, numerous bolts of lightning descended from the sky as it continuously struck above Levitation Sword Palace and in a moment, the dark night turned so bright as though it was broad daylight, that strange electric current illuminating the entire piece of land .

Even though it was a far distance away, Huang Yueli could still sense that strong and powerful Profound Energy, basing the sword array as the centre, radiating out towards its surroundings!

Those people who had rolled down from the stage earlier, were once again sent flying in this violent storm of Profound Energy!

“No! Sovereign, quickly stop!”

“Chengying! If you dare to continue, I will never ever forgive you!”

Under the intimidating electric currents, the sky changed from dark to light in a second and the surroundings seemed as though it wasn’t totally genuine nor fake, and within this dark and unclear light, the man on the high stage held on to the indestructible sharp sword, as he stood firm and unwavering right there .

The ancient sword in his hand slowly pulled towards the outside and finally, was totally unsheathed .

Following the sword tip which had been released from the alter, in an instant, a huge bolt of lightning descended from the sky . This bolt of lightning was much brighter and thicker than any other bolts before this, and the tremendous energy contained in this electric current struck heavily onto the centre of the sword array!

Just right above the man’s head!

The man coincidentally lifted his head slightly as a blinding current flashed past his eyes, illuminating his face which had been hidden in the darkness .

An extremely handsome and suave looking face entered Huang Yueli’s eyes .

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Bewitching peach blossom eyes, mixed with gloominess, insanity, pain, resoluteness… . .

Huang Yueli’s pupils contracted as her brain exploded loudly as she cried out in shock, Mu…”

But she had just said a single word when a loud boom suddenly echoed above her head!

Earlier when that huge bolt of lightning struck the sword array, every single long sword in the sky all gave off eye piercing stars which was from the clash of blows and the sword qi congealed in mid-air, forming a huge sword shape above the man’s head .

The man’s thin lips pursed slightly as his perfectly handsome face had no reaction at all . He merely stretched out his right hand and pinching tightly on the sword gesture, he pointed towards the sky!

The remnants of the huge sword immediately whizzed as it struck down towards the top of his head!

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Huang Yueli screamed out sharply but immediately following that, her mind had a loud boom as though her head was split apart alive!

Following that, she completely lost all consciousness .

“NO—!!! D—Don’t!!!”

Huang Yueli screamed out in right as her eyes abruptly opened up .

Dai Boqi realised that she had awoken and immediately leaned over, asking anxiously, “Disciple, how are you? Is your head still giddy? Are you in pain? Other than this, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere else?”

Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide as she exchanged glances with that white bearded grandpa for half a day before her gaze shifted towards the surroundings and after a while later, she finally realised that she was lying in an unfamiliar bedroom .

“I…” She opened her mouth and had just barely said one word when she had a rude shock .

Because her voice was totally hoarse and her voice was simply terrible, totally not that usual sweet melodious voice .

Looking at her stunned look, Dai Boqi explained, “You fainted earlier and seemed as though you’re having a nightmare . You keep shouting and speaking some things which could not be understood so your throat must be feeling uncomfortable right? This is easy to settle, just take this pill and it will put you right . ”