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Published at 14th of January 2021 05:51:53 AM

Chapter 2008: Examine on the spot (6)
Chapter 2008: Examine on the spot (6)

“Divine Doctor Dai, I’ve already picked out all seven stalks of Nine Leaf Lingzhi, please have a look . ”

Before Dai Boqi could even say a word, Feng Xiaoyan who was standing by the side started to give a chilly laugh .

“Are you certain that you’ve picked it all out already? You ought to get it clear that within these seven stalks, you must at least be certain that three stalks are genuine Nine Leaf Lingzhi otherwise you can forget about continuing to stay on in the Alchemist Guild from today onwards!”

Huang Yueli turned her head back and slighted her faintly, “That’s right, I’m certain that these few stalks are it . ”

“Hahaha, interesting! From your looks, you seem rather confident! Did you really think Nine Leaf Lingzhi are all cabbages? Just casually picking and choosing, and you’re able to pick them all out? Are you here to tease all of us?” Feng Xiaoyan couldn’t help but laughed out loudly .

Not to mention that this young lass totally doesn’t have any pill refining innate talent, even if she had, or even if she had not bad innate talent, it wasn’t possible for her to differentiate out these two kinds of medicinal herbs so easily .

So to speak, this time round, Huang Yueli was absolutely going to run into a huge streak of bad luck!

Huang Yueli’s expression remained composed right from the start, “Whether the medicinal herbs that I’ve picked out are right or not, it doesn’t seem as though you’re the one who can make the decision? Divine Doctor Dai hasn’t even taken a look, so on what basis do you have to keep guessing randomly?”

Feng Xiaoyan was stuffed right back but she wasn’t very upset over it, merely giving a cold laugh, “Yo, still daydreaming right there? If you are able to pick out the Nine Leaf Lingzhi just based on your calibre, then I will not need to refine pills anymore in future!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled slightly as she replied in a smile which didn’t look quite like a smile, “Who’s the one daydreaming? You originally seem like there’s no way for you to refine pills any longer, isn’t it?”

Saying that, she intentionally took a look at Feng Xiaoyan’s long sleeves which were hanging down .

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Now when Feng Xiaoyan needed to go out, she needed to put on a veil and her sleeves of those clothing which she wore were especially long, which could nicely conceal her twisted and broken fingers .

Feng Xiaoyan was poked right at her sore spot and was instantly smoking from her seven orifices .


She couldn’t control the fury in her and was about to fly into a rage when Dai Boqi couldn’t help but frowned, barking out lowly, “Enough! What’s there to argue about? If you want to quarrel, scram out of this old man’s turf to quarrel!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s expression froze instantly, and after some time, she took a fierce stare at Huang Yueli before turning her body around .

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At this moment, everyone else was crowded around Dai Boqi as numerous pairs of eyes were fixed intently onto those seven stalks of medicinal herbs .

Huagn Yueli was totally not particular as she casually picked out those few stalks of medicinal herbs and just piled it all together . Plus the fact that the box was stained with the dust earlier, those medicinal herbs looked dirty and messy, totally unable to tell what kind of valuable medicinal herbs they were .

“Make a guess… out of these seven stalks of medicinal herbs, how many of them are Nine Leaf Lingzhi?” Someone couldn’t help but quietly started to discuss this .

“Obviously, none of it! Haven’t you seen how choosy she was earlier? Just this… . And she’s able to pick out the Nine Leaf Lingzhu? The sun will rise from the west side!”

“That might not be true? I’m guessing at least one stalk, or perhaps two . After all, casually grabbing a handful might also allow her to grab one stalk of Lingzhi, perhaps her luck is very good?”

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“What you say is reasonable, then I’ll guess one stalk!”

Dai Boqi couldn’t help but frowned, “Throwing these medicinal herbs in such a manner, simply a waste of treasure!”

Feng Zhensheng bursted out laughing, “Divine Doctor Dai, just look at her and you will know, she’s totally not the material to be a Pill Master and she’s definitely lying! Don’t overwork yourself and let’s get rid of her quickly and have an early rest!”