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Published at 14th of January 2021 05:51:49 AM

Chapter 2009: : Examine on the spot (7)
Chapter 2009: Examine on the spot (7)

From what Feng Zhensheng thought, Dai Boqi had probably been angered to the max and definitely would not take a look at those medicinal herbs .

Originally, whether he saw or not wouldn’t make any difference . Only a ghost would believe that Huang Yueli was really able to differentiate the medicinal herbs out .

However, Dai Boqi’s reaction was totally out of everyone’s expectations .

He stared at Feng Zhensheng with a gloomy look but he still stretched out his hand to pick out the medicinal herb on the ground .

Dai Boqi pinched the roots at the bottom of the medicinal herb and slowly injected his Profound Energy within . Following that, his face revealed a shocked expression as his gaze brushed past Huang Yueli .

Seeing that young lass standing not too far away, using a pair of big eyes with a composed but innocent look, that petite yet dainty and graceful small face looked enchanting .

Dai Boqi’s brows furrowed as his hand waved, and he swept this stalk of medicinal herb aside, immediately moving on to the next stalk .

This time round, his action was even faster . The instance his finger touched the medicinal herb, he already injected his Profound Energy and immediately following that, he threw the medicinal herb aside .

Following that was the third stalk, the fourth stalk… . .

Very quickly, the inspection on all seven stalks of medicinal herbs had been completed .

Dai Boqi had a profound look on his face as his brows were worn up tightly, as he kept sizing up Huang Yueli but didn’t said a single word .

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Feng Xiaoyan assumed that Dai Boqi would sweep Huang Yueli out of the door very soon but in the end after a long wait, there was no signs at all and she couldn’t wait any longer hence she opened her mouth and spoke out directly, “Divine Doctor Dai, now the truth is very clear already, this wretched lass who is full of lies, it’s better to chase her out quickly! Don’t let her continue staying here, to disturb your rest…”

“Shut up!”

Before Feng Xiaoyan could finish her words, she heard Dai Boqi barking sharply, interrupting her .

She had a shock as she spoke out in trepidation, “Div… Divine Doctor Dai?”

Dai Boqi ignored her but turned towards Huang Yueli as he frowned and asked, “How on earth did you manage to do it? This is simply impossible? You indeed don’t have any Earth attributed Profound Energy, what method did you use to differentiate these medicinal herbs?”

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Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “This… I myself also don’t understand it . When I was touching these medicinal herbs, I could naturally sense it and totally don’t need to inject any Profound Energy intentionally . But I really don’t understand what is the reason for this…”

Dai Boqi waved her hand at her and said, “This is indeed rather strange… come over, let this old man check your pulse to have a look… . . ”

Huang Yueli couldn’t hope for anything more than this as she walked over quickly .

Dai Boqi indicated for Huang Yeuli to sit down as she placed her wrist on the short table and later stretching out three fingers, he placed them on her pulse .

Dai Boqi slowly injected his Profound Energy and it went along Huang Yueli’s meridians, carefully checking in detail .

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Not too long later, his eyes turned wide as he gave a surprised “Hmm” .

Huang Yueli knew that this old man seemed to have found out something as she quickly asked, “Divine Doctor Dai, my body… is there something not right with it?”

Dai Boqi’s brows frowned even tightly, as his hand was placed on Huang Yueli’s wrist and the other slowly fiddled with his long beard when he spoke out in a deep voice, “This… is really strange… your condition…it should be… but how could this be possible?”

“How is it exactly?” Huang Yueli saw his solemn expression as she asked anxiously .

Whoever knew that not only did Dai Boqi didn’t answer her question, he retracted his hand and said, “No matter, acknowledge me as your Master first . ”