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Chapter 2007: 2007
Chapter 2007: Examine on the spot (5)

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “I understand, then I shall give it a try!”

When she said that, it immediately made all the others stunned .

“You… . you’re really going to try?” Even Dai Boqi also had a shock .

Feng Xiaoyan totally couldn’t help exposing her sinister smile, “Hehe, extremely retarded and totally overestimating yourself! Who do you think you are? Do you really think that you’re a pill refining genius? Just wait to be embarrassed in front of everyone!”

The other Pill Masters were also discussing this .

Huang Yueli was totally unaffected as her expression was as normal as usual when she walked straight over to the box and squatted down .

Everyone was staring at her petite figure, waiting to see her next action .

“Make a guess, what would she do?”

“Do we still need to ask? Since there is no difference from the exterior, to sense the Earth attributed energy, it will be to hold the medicinal herbs in one’s hand and inject one’s Profound Energy to sense the internal portion of the medicinal herb and this process takes at least ten breaths… . . ”

“It needs such a long time… . . ”

“Obviously! This is a high levelled operation on the control of one’s Profound Energy! Look, she’s starting to make a move . Following this, she will start to sense… eh? Why did she throw that medicinal herbs away so quickly?”

Huang Yueli squatted down and at first she picked up a stalk of medicinal herb as per normal .

Just as everyone was assuming that she could carefully sense it, her brows suddenly rose and she conveniently threw the medicinal herb to one side .

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“What is she doing??”

“Surely she really doesn’t think that just casually feeling it and that would be considered as sensing?”

“What the… does she really think she’s picking the radishes in the market?”

“An amateur will always be an amateur, she indeed doesn’t know anything at all! This time round she will definitely reveal her fox tail!”

Everyone was looking at one another in dismay initially but following that, they revealed a smile which seemed as though they were gloating over her misfortune .

Originally, everyone didn’t believe that Huang Yueli had such high pill refining innate talent and were not resigned to being stepped down on the person whom they looked down on originally .

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Now that she was about to make a fool out of herself, they were naturally filled with anticipation .

What followed after made they feel even more shocking .

Initially Huang Yueli was retrieving the stalks one after another from the box but now after she already felt twenty over stalks, she probably felt that it was a waste of time or something like then hence she started to grab handfuls of medicinal herbs one after another, grabbing one handful after another, that stance seemed as though she was throwing rubbish or something similar .

Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw this, as they were all pondering on the same question, did she really touch every single stalk of medicinal herb? Or had she already given up and intentionally shifted her anger onto these medicinal herbs?

Until the end, Huang Yueli simply flipped the box over and threw all the medicinal herbs on the ground then casually moving her hand around to feel around .

When Feng Zhensheng saw that, his face turned green .

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Because these medicinal herbs were all taken out from his private store and after being tormented by Huang Yueli in such a way, god knew how many stalks of it were put to waste!

But at the same time, he was feeling extremely excited in his heart .

Because judging from Huang Yueli’s unreliable look, he knew that she totally didn’t know how to differentiate the medicinal herbs, nor did she know how to sense the inner energy within the medicinal herbs, totally unable to differentiate between the medicinal effects .

Just this ghastly look, it would be strange if she was able to pick the Nine Leaf Lingzhi out!

This wretched lass’s real face was undoubtedly exposed this time round!

After one hour later, Huang Yueli picked out seven stalks from that large pile of medicinal herbs, sending it in front of Dai Boqi .