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Chapter 2001: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (3)
Chapter 2001: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (3)

As expected, Dai Boqi started again, “But This old man had already said this long ago, those women with terrible innate talent totally aren’t worthy of him! Only a pill refining genius like you, is most compatible with him! When Yan’er returns, This old man will be the decision maker, to let you two become engaged earlier!”

He rubbed his palms as he strode up and down, the more he thought about it, the more excited he became and the more he felt that this idea was extremely marvelous!

“Oh my, this is what’s known as ‘a match made in heaven’! This old man has taken in a pair of exceptional geniuses as my disciples and the both of you will be like This old man’s son and daughter, in future give birth to a baby for this old man to play with then this old man’s life is considered complete!”

“Cough cough, Divine Doctor Dai, things are not what you thought it is, listen to me… ughh!”

Huang Yueli’s expression looked like she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, this… what were these considered as!

Wasn’t Dai Boqi just hooting a couple of days ago, saying that he would absolutely not admit a trash like her? Why was it that he suddenly changed his mind, and even talked about giving birth to a baby or something like that, as though he couldn’t wait to send Liu Buyan and her into the bridal room!

The more she heard, the more it didn’t make sense and she hurriedly coughed a few times, in an attempt to clarify things .

But Dai Boqi was just simply too excited as he totally refused to listen to what she said, moreover he even humpfed angrily, “Why are you still addressing me as Divine Doctor Dai? Quickly call me Master? Why is there such a retarded young lass like you! Don’t you even know the rituals of formally becoming an apprentice to a master?”

“I… cough cough, I really am not…”

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“Really are not what? Could it be that you have your misgivings? Have you heard that Yan’er had already found another woman outside and even said that he would get engaged to her? Don’t you worry, that kind of low class woman like her, this old man will absolutely not acknowledge her! He is just momentarily bewitched, merely taking interest in her beauty that’s all . But this old man feels that you’re obviously prettier than her!”

“Relax, this old man’s own disciple, I know myself that the person he truly likes are beautiful women with heaven-defying innate talent . Moreover the minute he falls in love with one, he would be extremely devoted so just having a pretty face will not be able to retain his heart! Just like that year… cough cough, let’s not talk about what happened back then! Anyway he will definitely like you, so don’t you worry! Leave it all to this old man!”

Dai Boqi grew more and more satisfied with Huang Yueli and the smile on his face was totally unstoppable .

He felt that he was crushed by a huge cake which had fallen out from the sky!

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A young lass with such great innate talent, taken in under his wing by him . If he were to nurture two ninth ranked disciples, then he Dai Boqi would be the first in the entire history of Soaring Heavens Continent! His reputation would go down in history .

Moreover this young lass was so beautiful, he didn’t believe that Liu Buyan would not be aroused by her!

Liu Buyan probably wouldn’t even need him, this old man to act as a hindrance and the former would ditch that unfocused fiancee of his!

While he was being excited, he suddenly felt that something was amiss so he waited for quite a while but he still didn’t hear the sound of Huang Yueli kneeling down to kowtow to him .

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“Young lass, what’s the matter with you?” Dai Boqi frowned, as he lowered his head and stared at her .

Huang Yueli was stunned earlier, not only was she embarrassed, she just simply wanted to vomit blood .

After so long, this elderly grandpa totally didn’t know who she was! And he even wanted to wreck Liu Buyan and his “fiancee”… . .

Sigh, this mistake was really huge right now! How was she going to explain about this?

If Dai Boqi found out that whatever he had imagined earlier were all not going to be fulfilled, would his embarrassment turn into fury?

Huang Yueli kept thinking about this but since there was no other way out, she could only brace herself to open her mouth .