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Chapter 2000: 2000
Chapter 2000: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (2)

Just at this moment, a loud “bang” was heard coming from behind them .

The door at the corner of the corridor was pushed open abruptly and immediately following that, the silhouette of the silver haired Dai Boqi appeared in front of everyone .

His face was flushed with a tinge of red from excitement as his footsteps were quick as he walked over in anticipation along the corridor and at the same time, he couldn’t help but hollered loudly .

“Steward Xu, what’s going on with you? I asked you to come look for my disciple, why haven’t you returned for such a long time? Just this bit of matter, you haven’t even settled it after such a long time?”

When Steward Xu heard his voice, he scurried over to bow and pay his respects, “Divine Doctor Dai, it’s already so late at night, why have you come over personally? It’s This Subordinate’s negligence that I’ve almost mistaken for the wrong person hence causing a bit of delay…”

“Mistaken for the wrong person? What’s going on?” Dai Boqi’s brows creased as he waved his hand impatiently, “No matter what’s going on, now point out to me quickly, which one of them is my beloved disciple!”

Steward Xu hurriedly waved his hand towards Huang Yueli’s direction and replied respectfully, “It’s this Young Miss Bai…”

When Dai Boqi saw Huang Yueli, his eyes lit up and immediately walked over in a few big strides .

“It’s this young lass? Looks really lively! Good, good, not bad at all! Quick, tell Master, what’s your name? How old are you this year?”

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Huang Yueli cupped her hands and replied in a neither servile nor overbearing tone when she heard that, “Nice to meet you Divine Doctor Dai, this junior is Bao Ruoli, sixteen years old this year . You’ve probably mistaken, I’m actually…”

She wanted to clarify her identity but Dai Boqi was just too anxious as he totally didn’t even listen to whatever she wanted to say and just interrupted her .

“Why are you still calling Divine Doctor Dai! Quickly address as Master! I’m going to take you as my disciple for sure! This Master had not seen a genius like you for several decades! Based on your innate talent, if you work hard, it won’t be hard to become a ninth ranked Pill Master in future! This Master will definitely coach you properly!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she blinked her eyes, apparently extremely astonished .

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It was simply because Dai Boqi’s words made one too surprised, not to mention the other Pill Masters, even for herself, she also found it hard to accept what he said .

It was a sure thing that she didn’t have any Profound Energy . Although she also discovered that her affinity with plants was extremely strong, so strong that no one was able to believe it but this didn’t change the fact that she did not have any pill refining innate talent…

Dai Boqi actually said that she could become a ninth ranked Pill Master?

Her first reaction was that: Dai Boqi must have got something wrong somewhere!

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Moreover, her motive had originally been to pass this round of assessment to be able to meet Divine Doctor Dai successfully but now that she had really met him, but Dai Boqi was evidently mistaken! Could he really feel that she had outstanding innate talent?

In this way, she really didn’t know how to conclude this…

While she was in a daze, Dai Boqi already couldn’t suppress himself as he stared at her anxiously, unable to stop himself from continuing, “Young lass, you’re still so young so you probably don’t have any sweetheart yet right? This old man has an elder disciple, haha, and he’s your Senior Brother! I believe you must have heard of the ninth ranked Pill Master Liu Buyan right! Have you met him in person? It’s not that This old man is blowing my own trumpet but your Senior Brother doesn’t only have a high standard of pill refining, his looks are also extremely outstanding and a lot of young ladies all like him!”

Huang Yueli blinked, and blinked again with a silly expression on her face while looking at this elderly man .

What Dai Boqi was trying to say, surely… it wasn’t what she thought it was right?

The truth was, a woman’s instinct was indeed incredibly accurate .