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Chapter 2002: 2002
Chapter 2002: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (4)

“Divine Doctor Dai, I cannot become your disciple…”

“Why? Could it be that you despise this old man? It’s not that this old man is blowing my own trumpet, in terms of medical skills, this old man might not be comparable to Yan’er, but if we’re talking about teaching disciples, ten of him might not even match up to one of me!”

Dai Boqi immediately refused as he blew his whiskers and eyes popping out as he immediately rebuked her .

Huang Yueli immediately voiced out, “Divine Doctor Dai, you’re mistaken . It’s not that I don’t wish to acknowledge you as my Master, but… I have my reasons . Can we change a place and I’ll explain it to you slowly . ”

Her injury was something which she didn’t want too many people to know about, moreover now that the misunderstanding was so grave, she would need to spend quite an amount of effort before she was able to explain clearly, moreover she needed to be careful to not anger this straight-forward elderly man…

She didn’t want too many people to eavesdrop on them .

However, not waiting for Dai Boqi to say anything, someone cried out before first .

“Why, Bai Ruoli, why do you need to change a place? Worried that when you’re telling a lie, you’d be exposed by us? You really treat everyone as a fool, to watch you cheat Divine Doctor Dai with our eyes wide open, using such lousy underhanded methods to become Divine Doctor Day’s direct disciple?”

Shu Yali was just by the side listening and the more she heard, the more jealous she became!

Divine Doctor Dai was actually this nice to this wretched lass?? On what basis?? The Pill Master with the best innate talent among this batch of apprentices, was obviously she Shu Yali!

This kind of special treatment should all rightfully belong to her! And not that trash of a lass!

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Dai Boqi had always been someone who protects his own people and although Huang Yueli had yet formally greeted him as Master, but from the moment he planned to take Huang Yueli in as his disciple, he had already treated her as one of his own people .

Hearing someone talking bad about her, the elderly man immediately got upset .

“What do you mean? How dare you say that this old man’s disciple is lying? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to say that about her? Men, drive this fellow who is sprouting rubbish out of the Alchemist Guild!”


The guards accepted his order and immediately headed up to catch her .

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Shu Yali had totally not expected that Dai Boqi’s first reaction was actually to catch her as she went into a short daze before she started struggling furiously .

“Let me go! Let me go! You bunch of imbeciles, let me go! What I’m saying is all the truth! Bai Ruoli she’s a liar, Divine Doctor Dai, you absolutely cannot be cheated by her!”

“Hmph, what gibberish! She’s so noisy that she has interrupted this old man’s good mood, still not going to drag her away quickly?” Dai Boqi urged the guards furiously .

Shu Yali was dragged by the men along the corridor and she was almost about to leave Dai Boqi’s vision .

She grabbed the last bit of time as she started screeching .

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“Divine Doctor Dai, Bai Ruoli is the fiancée whom Divine Doctor Liu had brought from outside! She’s that shameless slut who seduced Divine Doctor Liu!

“What did you say?? Speak clearly the truth to this old man!” Dai Boqi was stunned .

Originally Shu Yali wanted to say that Huang Yueli was a liar or something like that but Dai Boqi couldn’t even be bothered to listen to all those . He self-assumed that his own eyesight would never be wrong and especially when it was with regards to medicinal herbs, he would absolutely not see wrongly .

But on hearing that Huang Yueli was that legendary “fiancée” of Liu Buyan’s, this news was simply too surprising and simply had a huge impact .

The guards loosened their grip and Shu Yali immediately rushed towards Dai Boqi as she plopped onto the ground and shouted out loudly, “Divine Doctor Dai, Bai Ruoli has an ulterior motive for getting close to you! Moreover, she doesn’t have any pill refining innate talent at all, everything is all fake!”