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Chapter 1996: 1996
Chapter 1996: Self-sentimental (5)

From everyone’s responses, the middle aged steward also assumed that Shu Yali was the person whom Dai Boqi wanted to look for .

He knew that based on the amount of value he placed on the new disciple, this Pill Master would absolutely fly into the skies in future to become a genius which the entire Alchemist Guild would nurture the most, and her status in the Guild would be extremely high .

Hence he took the initiative to express goodwill towards Shu Yali, “This young lady, in future you will be Divine Doctor Dai’s favourite disciple so in future, we servants are indebted to you for care . ”

When Shu Yali saw that the stewards who were rather arrogant in the daytime were actually bowing down to her right now, it made her extremely complacent and she almost couldn’t stop herself from jumping up excitedly .

But with a change of thoughts that she would become a ninth ranked Pill Master-to-be, she must pay attention to her image .

Hence she forcibly controlled herself to put on a calm and composed look, as she smiled and nodded .

“Not a problem, not a problem!”

The middle aged steward continued, “Divine Doctor Dai is still waiting in the rear courtyard, will Young Miss please follow me to pay your respects to your Master?”

“Yes, please lead the way!” Shu Yali was just waiting for this sentence as she immediately nodded her head impatiently .

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But when she reached the door, she suddenly recalled something and stopped in her tracks .

“Wait, there’s something that I’ve not dealt with yet, I almost forgot about it!”

Saying that, she turned around and with a smug look, her gaze shot towards Huang Yueli, “Bai Ruoli, the bet we made earlier, surely you haven’t forgotten about it right?”

Huang Yueli had been standing by the side, silently watching her putting on the look whereby she thought highly of herself as she quietly shook her head but didn’t say anything much .

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It was until Shu Yali called out her name before she calmly replied, “Of course I haven’t forgotten . ”

Shu Yali was smiling happily, “Then what are you waiting for? Still not going to apologize to me? Earlier you said many things to malign me, didn’t you feel that I’m beneath you? How about now? Know what a real genius is now?”

Her words were filled with smugness .

After all, before today, she had not even dreamt of herself becoming Dai Boqi’s direct disciple . Now it was really a huge cake which had dropped onto her head, which made her so delighted that she couldn’t even remember what her name was!

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She originally thought that when Huang Yueli saw the current situation, she would definitely be so ashamed that she was unable to show her face hence would immediately tone herself down to apologize to her .

However, Huang Yueli’s face still bore the insipid and easy expression as her tone retained peaceful, “Apologize? Do you feel that… . you have won?”

Shu Yali frowned as she gave a sneer, “Why? Surely you aren’t thinking of regening on your debts right? The principle of you willing to bet so you must accept to lose, surely you know right? Or do you assume that just because you have Divine Doctor Liu’s backing, so you can be disrespectful to me? Get things straight, you’re merely Divine Doctor Dai’s fiancée, just relying on a man! Whereas I, will be Divine Doctor Liu’s future Junior Sister, and in future I will be an extremely incredible Pill Grandmaster! What qualifications do you have to be disrespectful towards me?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and spoke out slowly, “Young Miss Shu, on account that your innate talent isn’t too bad, hence I’m giving you this word of advice . As a human, one must know yourself well! Did you really think that with those few stalks of Aromatic Silk Jade Grass of yours, it would make Divine Doctor Dai take a fancy towards you and also to be accepted as his direct disciple?”

Shu Yali indeed felt that it was unfathomable .

But she was being extremely complacent right now so she totally couldn’t focus her attention to think about this in detail . Even if she was feeling puzzled, she would also intentionally neglect it .