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Chapter 1997: 1997
Chapter 1997: Self-sentimental (6)

Moreover speaking, there were so many Pill Masters looking at her so how would Shu Yali possibly be deflated at this moment in time?

She stared fiercely at Huang Yueli and said, “What do you mean? Did you really think that Divine Doctor Dai’s foresight would go wrong? You’re such an unknowledgeable country lass, totally unaware of how incredible Divine Doctor Dai is! He must have seen something from the Aromatic Silk Jade Grass which I’ve picked hence he said that I have the innate talent!”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she asked, “Then what’s so special about your Aromatic Silk Jade Grass, that is able to make Divine Doctor Dai so shocked, saying that you’re comparable to Brother Liu?”

“I…I…” Shu Yali’s tongue was tied as she totally could not answer this question .

But she still put on a brave front, “How would I know? But Divine Doctor Dai’s foresight would absolutely not go wrong! You are obviously jealous of me hence you said this! I advise you not to pester on endlessly, I…”

Shu Yali’s words did not come to a full stop when she suddenly heard something behind her saying “hmm” .

The middle aged steward was listening to the both of them squabble and after listening for some time, he finally would not suppress the puzzlement in his heart as he asked, “Wait, both ladies, earlier you mentioned that this Young Lady harvested the Aromatic Silk Jade Grass?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head immediately .

Shu Yali went into a blank, “That’s right, is there a problem?”

The middle aged steward frowned and said, “But earlier the jade box which Divine Doctor Dai saw, was not filled with Aromatic Silk Jade Grass?”

“What did you say??” Shu Yali’s eyes turned wide, as she cried out in disbelief!

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“Impossible! My jade box is the Number One jade box and there are fifteen stalks of Aromatic Silk Jade Grass laid inside . Moreover it’s extremely complete, only a small number of stalks have slight damages! Could it be that Divine Doctor Dai had not seen it?”

Middle aged steward recollected his memories and said, “Yes, there’s this box and Divine Doctor Dai said the Aromatic Silk Jade Grass is very normal, barely could just make do with it . The owner of the Number One jade box can stay and try out to see if she could be an apprentice, if her performance is not up to mark, then make her leave!”

“What? What did you say? Impossible! It’s not possible!”

Shu Yali totally didn’t believe her ears as she went into a blank for some time before she finally understood the middle aged steward’s meaning in his words . Momentarily, she seemed to have been struck by lightning as she was entirely dazed .

The other Pill Masters all started to bustle .

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“What’s going on? This stewards says that the person is not Shu Yali?”

“That’s strange, Shu Yali should be the most outstanding one among us? Why is it that Divine Doctor Dai had taken an interest in someone else?”

“Hey, let’s not bother about Shu Yali! Quickly think, if it’s not her, then… who is it?”

The Pill Masters were looking at each other in dismay . Although their appearances didn’t reflect anything much, but their minds and hearts were all overturning with waves .

Because if it wasn’t Shu Yali, the remaining Pill Masters’ standards were similar to one another, would it mean that this person was likely to be themselves?

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Shu Yali felt the gazes coming from all around and sensed that she herself was embarrassed to the extreme as her face instantly flushed red as she couldn’t wait to hide her head into a hole!

She thought about it for some time but still felt that it was impossible as she couldn’t stop herself from shooting right towards the front of the steward .

“Master Steward, have you got it wrong! If it’s not me, who else could it be? Among this batch of apprentices, no one could match up to me! Quickly think through it carefully, you must have remembered wrongly!”