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Chapter 1995: 1995
Chapter 1995: Self-sentimental (4)

Shu Yali first went into a blank and subsequently, her face revealed an overjoyed expression .

No matter if it was herself or any of the other younger Pill Masters, everyone thought that if there was anyone in this batch who had caught Divine Doctor Dai’s eye, then that person would absolutely be Shu Yali!

No matter if it was in the beginning of the selection assessments or later on in the harvesting stage, her performance had always been the most outstanding one, moreover her standard had outshone all the other apprentices by a huge distance!

Momentarily, everyone’s gazes towards Shu Yali was filled with envy .

“Shu Yali’s simply too lucky, to be able to catch Divine Doctor Dai’s eye and to be taken in as his direct disciple? I envy her so much!”

“That’s right, to me, even if I have a chance to be an apprentice under Divine Doctor Dai, I will be laughing even in my dreams!”

“Have you all heard what the steward said? He said Shu Yali will gain greater achievements than Divine Doctor Liu in future! What kind of innate talent is that! Simply… . too terrifying! How could such a genius like that appear?”

Other than being envious, quite a number of them were feeling jealous and their words as though it had been laced with lemon .

“But speaking of this, although Shu Yali’s innate talent is much better than ours, but it’s also not that ridiculously strong right? To be comparable with Divine Doctor Liu! Is she really that incredible?”

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“Right, I heard that Divine Doctor Liu’s harvesting success rate is above sixty percent and she merely picked ten over stalks, how could that be possible? Has anything gone wrong anywhere?”

The crowd were looking towards Shu Yali suspiciously .

Shu Yali heard those words but instead of feeling guilty, she straightened her spine as she shot a cold laugh at those people, her lips curling up into a smile of ridicule .

“Why? Not convinced? Could this steward here be lying? He already said that Divine Doctor Dai said this personally so don’t you believe Divine Doctor Dai’s judgement? He said I have the innate talent and that meant that I really have! I advise you all to treat me courteously . After all in future I will become Divine Doctor Dai’s direct disciple and our statuses in the Guild will no longer be the same . ”

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Honestly speaking, Shu Yali herself doesn’t understand why Dai Boqi will give such a high evaluation of the medicinal herbs that she submitted .

But Dai Boqi’s words represent authority and his foresight has always been sharp . That year when Liu Buyan was still a child who didn’t know anything much, he had already been picked out by Dai Boqi to be accepted as his direct disciple, which was akin to ascending to heaven in a single step .

Back then, many people could not understand the reason for him doing that but in the end, reality proved itself, Dai Boqi’s foresight was absolutely first rated .

Now Shu Yali assumed that Dai Boqi was referring to herself when he said her innate talent was comparable to Liu Buyan so she was naturally unable to contain her joy so she became extremely complacent in a second, as though she had already become a ninth ranked Pill Master!

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The words she used towards the other Pill Masters became extremely impolite!

When the other Pill Masters heard what she said, they were all feeling uncomfortable in their hearts .

Some bolder ones even went up directly to the steward and asked, “Master Steward, may I ask if what you said earlier was the truth? Divine Doctor Dai really wants to take someone from our batch of apprentices to be his direct disciple?”

The middle aged steward swept him a glance, “This kind of matter, I don’t dare to speak casually and randomly! This is absolutely the exact words which Divine Doctor Dai said! Divine Doctor Dai thinking highly of this young lady’s innate talent and simply cannot wait to take her in as an apprentice! I’ve been serving Divine Doctor Dai for so many years and this is the first time I’ve seen him so excited!”