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Chapter 1993
Chapter 1993: Self-sentimental (2)

With no alternative, she had no choice but to run out to check on it .

The apprentices in the other cubicles were along the same corridor and the sound proofing was very bad .

At this very moment, other than Huang Yueli, all the other apprentices were crowded along the corridor .

“Quick, quickly go and take a look . I heard that Divine Doctor Dai sent someone over to ask us all to gather in front, to announce this round of assessment results!”

“What? So fast? Hadn’t Steward Qin said that we must wait until tomorrow morning to get the result?”

“Heavens knows what’s going on? Perhaps Divine Doctor Dai happens to be free so they’re announcing the results earlier?”

“Sigh, no matter if it’s announced earlier or later, the result will still be the same! I only harvested five to six stalks of medicinal herbs this time and the condition wasn’t very good . This time, I will definitely be eliminated! Looks like tomorrow morning I’ll have to separate with Senior Brothers!”

“What are you saying? The medicinal herbs that I harvested are almost the same as your, so probably I’d be chased away as well! Shu Yali was boasting this afternoon that she had successfully harvested fifteen stalks! Indeed one of the more outstanding geniuses within our batch, comparing one against another is so irritating! I really envy her so much!”

When the other apprentices heard that, they also started to exclaim in admiration at Shu Yali’s results .

To be able to harvest a medicinal herb at two levels higher and successfully harvesting so many, this kind of innate talent would at least allow her to become a seventh ranked Pill Master, how would they not envy her?

Shu Yali’s face was filled with complacency as she walked with light steps towards the front hall .

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When she submitted the jade box, she was certain that this time she would absolutely be able to get first place!

Moreover her luck was also very good . The success rate of her harvest was much higher than usual, which had exceeded her usual performance .

She self-assumed that having the standard of being able to harvest fifteen stalks, she should be able to show her face in front of Divine Doctor Dai for a moment .

Having suffered grievances in Divine Doctor Dai’s courtyard for an entire three days, she was just waiting for this moment to let the other Pill Masters know that she, Shu Yali’s innate talent superseded those from her generation!

Huang Yueli followed walking out too .

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Shu Yali happened to walk past her room door and when she turned back, she saw Huang Yueli’s slim and graceful figure .

Her eyes squinted as a surge of jealousy gushed up in her heart .

If one were to ask who she hated the most, the number one person would absolutely belong to Huang Yueli right now!

Originally Huang Yueli who bore such a devastating gorgeous look which could cause harm to the country and people, even monopolizing all of Liu Buyan’s attention, had already made Shu Yali extremely uncomfortable . But unfortunately a few days ago, she was slapped on the face by Huang Yueli!

In front of the other Pill Masters, her memorisation wasn’t comparable to Huang Yueli and that matter had already become a small episode and laughing point for the others to gossip about while they were idle!

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Now she finally had the chance to gain back her face!

Shu Yali intentionally walked next to Huang Yueli and sneered, “Isn’t this Young Miss Bai? Are you also out to listen to the assessment results? Speaking of this, I really admire your skin, it’s really thick! If I were you, I’d have long dug a hole and hid inside it, where would I find the cheek to embarrass myself?”

Huang Yueli shot a glance at her with a smile which didn’t look like a smile .

“I wonder, who’s the one who will be embarrassed…”

When Shu Yali heard that, she couldn’t help but laughed out loudly, “Hahaha, this is really killing me! Surely you wouldn’t have assumed that just casually harvesting the medicinal herb would be considered as successful right? When you submitted it, it was practically a pile of withered dried grass! Are you still dreaming that you will be able to win me?”

Huang Yueli’s face still retained a faint smile on her face when she heard her finishing her words .